Liquid Legends: The Counterpick Hungrybox is Absurd From 16-1 to 6-16: Love and Heartbreak in CS:GO
League of Legends   Leading from the Isolated Lane In the average TL game, Alphari leads his lane opponent by 493 gold and 12.5 CS by 10 minutes. If you don’t know the numbers of League, this may not seem like much.
Street Fighter 4   FGC: This is Good Bye for Now... With a heavy heart, it’s time to announce that Team Liquid will be exiting the fighting game community. This means Team Liquid will no longer be competing in Street Fighter V or Tekken 7.
Valorant   Professor Sliggy and the Class It’s hard to believe but it’s nearing a year since Valorant was released—just past when the game was announced as the mysterious “Project A.”
  Never Bad Mannered: Our Players Love Everyone As a writer for a prestigious, bemedaled, and besponsored organization like Team Liquid, life is regularly very exciting and I’m constantly typing words like “win,” and “first” and “Team” and “Liquid.
Fortnite   POTM: Mitr0 | Returning to the pantheon In 2013, Dmitri Van de Vrie was 13 years old uploading Call of Duty: Black Ops III montages to YouTube. It was still years out from the birth of the battle royale and from the rise of two of the most successful multiplayer titles in existence—PUBG and Fortnite—years out from his own rise in one of the world’s youngest, hardest, and strangest esports.
  Team Liquid partners with IMC Team Liquid Partners with IMC
  POTM: Scream | Moving Past the One Tap The headshot is a damn powerful symbol. Team Liquid's ScreaM started his deep career in CS:GO. Get to know his journey.
  Announcing - Team Liquid x Bud Light Announcing - Team Liquid x Bud Light
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