Soulcas: Step up to the site and die again Nivera: Quest to completion Liquid in Valorant: The Full Timeline (ft. Sliggy)
Dota 2   Zai talks Liquid, Secret, the DPC, the meta & Matu One of the best offlaners in the world, Zai's move to Liquid was one of the biggest in the offseason. See what the man himself has to say about his Liquid, Secret, the meta, the DPC, Marci, Manchester, matumbaman, and more!
Valorant   Get to know Valorant! A timeline, intro, & more Valorant's biggest tournament yet is around the corner! In this article we've got a few resources for fans who aren't sure where to start with Riot's new shooter. Inside you'll find a Game Guide that will teach the very basics of watching the game. Below that, you'll find a visual timeline detailing Liquid's highs and lows within Valorant as a team.
Hearthstone   SunBaconRelaxer: The Journey to the Top Follow SunBaconRelaxer's journey from humble Arena streamer to student to teacher to Battlegrounds star in this month's spotlight!
Smash   Melee's Ouroboros: The Spirit of Red Marth In Melee, progressing the meta doesn't always mean moving forward into new tech. Sometimes, improvement involves retracing old steps with a new mindset. In interviewing Ken, the originator of the top-level Marth, Logan finds a cycle of improvement that is less of a slope to new peaks and more of a circle that rounds to and rejuvenates its own origin.
StarCraft 2   Age of Empires: a History and a Wiki What exactly does a wiki mean? What exactly does 20 some years of esports mean? For many, it's hard to say - but not for the Age of Empires community. This community's long history of community, camaraderie, and survival finds its newest area of growth on Liquipedia.
  Team Liquid & Coinbase Look to a Limitless Future Brian Armstrong, founder of Coinbase, thought about expanding a frontier offering a new path to acquire freedom in the world.
CS:GO   Familiar LAN // Brand New Chaos After over a year of playing online, the Stockholm Major is both a return to form and a step into a bold new world. Rising stars from the online era, legacy teams looking to restore themselves to glory, and hegemonic CIS teams all meet in a blender of a competition that promises only one thing: Chaos.
League of Legends | Valorant   Good Luck, Have Fun, Play Nice For Tiffae, the goal in VALORANT goes beyond winning. Through her stream, she wants to create friendships, happiness, and a better space for her teammates and viewers. This is the comfy world of Tiffae.
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