We're Hiring: Player Manager (Card Strategy) No More Second Bests Welcome Nasticle to our Apex Legends Team
League of Legends   We're Hiring: Partnerships Positions We're Hiring! The positions we are looking to fill are EMEA Partnerships Coordinator, NA Partnerships Manager, EMEA Partnerships Manager, EMEA Senior Partnerships Manager and NA Senior Partnerships Manager.
League of Legends   Be a Healer: Save a Life with BCA We are urging esports fans across North America to jump out of their gaming chairs, throw on their favorite jerseys, and join us in the call for blood donations. We are hoping to inspire gamers to step up and donate by partnering with the Blood Centers of America.
League of Legends   We're Hiring: Front End Developer We're hiring! Team Liquid is looking for one (1) front end developer to contribute to the development of future website projects.
League of Legends   TL Community Spotlight: Marco Gallardo Team Liquid's community is truly one of a kind. With our fans spread out around the world we wanted to hear some of their stories and what got them into esports in the first place.
League of Legends   Spring Champions, Summer Dreams Well, we’ve officially found ourselves at the halfway point in the season. The Spring Split and MSI behind us, Summer Split and Worlds ahead. With our first game of the summer kicking off in just a few hours, it’s a great time to take a look at what we have accomplished so far.
Rainbow Six   Welcome HSnamuringa To The R6 Roster Join us in welcoming HSnamuringa to our Rainbow Six Siege roster. While he was once one of our biggest rivals HSnamuringa has become one of our greatest strengths. We are tremendously excited to see him play for us in our upcoming matches!
Smash   Liquid Rivalries: Smash There are few games that have more storied rivalries than Melee and the Smash community as a whole. From old Gods to relatively new blood we looked into some of the greatest rivalries our players have in Smash.
Dota 2   Entering The Fray: ESL One Birmingham and TI9 Earlier in May our Dota 2 team secured their invite to TI9. It was a hard fought battle but we persevered and made it to the grand finals. Now we look forward towards ESL One Birmingham and even beyond that to TI9 while also dealing with patch 7.22 which dropped only a few days ago.
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June 19
  • ESL Pro League Finals
June 20
  • FACEIT Pro Series
  • LCSA: vs. Golden Guardians Academy
June 21
  • PUBG Europe League Week 6
June 22
  • LCSA: vs. Clutch Gaming Academy
  • Epicenter Major
  • PUBG Europe League Week 6
  • LCS: vs. Golden Guardians
June 23
  • PUBG Europe League Week 6
  • LCS: vs. Clutch Gaming
June 24
June 25
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