Team Liquid partners with IMC POTM: Scream | Moving Past the One Tap Announcing - Team Liquid x Bud Light
League of Legends   The Lane King and the Strategist - The Duo From OCE “What would winning this Academy split mean to each of you?” This is an obvious question. Sometimes, it’s too obvious—yielding a very predictable or uninvested answer. However, every now and again—you get something telling.
League of Legends   POTM: Tactical | Set the Mind to Automatic “[Worlds] forced me to realize how much of an importance it is to focus on the small details - like small mechanics of laning,” Tactical says.
  Team Liquid Launches Liquid Plus Team Liquid releases Liquid+, a new engagement platform that rewards fans with memorable Experiences and perks for fandom. Sign up at
  AW X TL: The Legacy Duo Start Their Second Act For nearly 10 years, Team Liquid and Alienware have partnered to stretch the limits of competitive gaming.
League of Legends   Santorin’s True Calling Despite the Struggle "I’m super competitive by nature. Whether I win or lose, I just love competing. That’s why even though I went through so many hard times where I wouldn’t win for years, I still loved competing."
League of Legends   Professional Carry: Yeon Gets It Done " If the fight requires me killing someone for my flash or the fight requires me to stay alive the entire fight, I’ll just do whatever it takes to win that fight."
  Aerial Powers Joins Team Liquid as Streamer and Diversity Ambassador WNBA stand-out and streaming star Aerial Powers is joining the content team! Time to huddle up and discuss engaging content and new diversity initiatives.
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