Team Liquid Partners With Newzoo Introducing our newest Legend: Mendokusaii No Olimar No Problem
Dota 2   Defining Moments - Miracle's Solo Rampage During ESL One Birmingham Miracle did something that has never been seen before in competitive Dota 2. We even asked Nox about it! His 1v5 rampage on OD is one of a kind and we're here to show you exactly how it went down.
Street Fighter 4   EVO 2019 - Run It Back More than 9,000 players from 80 countries will descend onto Sin City for the biggest yearly spectacle in the fighting game community. If you win EVO, you’re quite literally immortalized. And as our players have recently ascended to Marvel superheroes, quests for immortality seem par for the course.
Quake   Taking on QuakeCon QuakeCon is back and Rapha and DaHanG are more than ready. In fact, the entire Quake community is more than ready to see the best come together and compete.
Smash   Challenger Approaching: Melee's New Meta When the Smash community thinks of Melee, they think of the same old thing. The game from over 18 years ago, and the controller that came with it. They think of the same old top tier fighters and the same old techniques to counter them. But that has all been changing lately.
StarCraft 2   The History of the Team Liquid Logo Our horse logo has a history that spans over 18 years. Over that time our logo has evolved and changed in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways. We went looking for some of the older designs to see how we got to where we are today.
League of Legends   Steffan Hagen - Community Fan Feature For our second community fan feature we'd like to introduce everyone to Steffan Hagen. He has been following our League team for a very long time and During MSI he made one of the greatest inspirational speeches we have ever seen.
PUBG   7Teen on Coaching, PEL, and the 4th of July We talked to our PUBG coach 7Teen about his role as coach, what he thinks about the current PEL system, and the 4th of July. We also got him to tell us if he thought a hotdog was a sandwich.
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