Melee Gods Watch Out: ChuDat is Back Welcome John Patterson as Our New CFO The End of an Era
Apex Legends   Two More Legends: Welcome Kellar and Wonderfuls Please join us in welcoming Kellar and Wonderfuls to our Apex Legends roster! Kellar will be immediately put to the test in Krakow on the 13th and it won't be long until we see Wonderfuls in action as well. We're excited to see our newest Apex Legends roster in action!
Smash   Four time champion, full time competitor This year’s CEO was more than just another championship belt for Hungrybox. His win at CEO 2019 was his fourth in a row, and his sixth total. But CEO 2019 was big for Hbox for three other reasons: Commentary, competition, and careers.
CS:GO   The Confidence Needed To Win Team Liquid’s CS:GO squad has no shortage of talent. On any given day, it’s possible to overlook one player’s strong performance in favor of another’s. What’s harder to notice just by watching the game is the impact of the coach.
Clash Royale   Welcome Egor and SurgTS We’re proud to announce the addition of Surg TS and Egor to our already stacked Clash Royale roster. While we are on a roll with our recent wins, the hunger to achieve more is bigger than ever and the desire for victory is shared by everyone on the team.
  An Era On The Line In Berlin A lot is on the line in Berlin for our CS:GO team. We talked to some of our players (and coach) about how we've come so far in 2019 and why we were able to go from being in Astralis' shadow to becoming the #1 team in the world.
League of Legends   Four Time LCS Champions We are the first four time back-to-back-to-back-to-back LCS Champions! It wasn't easy, and there were many obstacles in our way, but we persevered and overcame them. We couldn't be more proud of our players and what they have managed to accomplish.
CS:GO   Liquid Beauty: Crosshairs Collection Liquid Beauty is back! This time we're focusing on hair care with an FPS twist.
Dota 2   W33's Windranger: Analyzing Shackleshot Windranger is a hero that has nearly completely fallen out of the professional scene. At the Epicenter Major we saw that even when a Hero isn't considered competitively viable, if you're good enough on the hero you can make it work. We checked out w33's performances and broke down why it's so hard to make Windranger work in competitive Dota 2.
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