Steffan Hagen - Community Fan Feature 7Teen on Coaching, PEL, and the 4th of July Adding Another 3 Star Piece: Welcome Saintvicious
League of Legends   Thank You Mike: MikeYeung transfers to Echo Fox Thank you and congrats to MSI Finalist MikeYeung on your move!
Smash   The Pride Icebreaker: Who's your partner? The most fabulous time of the year is coming to an end. We're celebrating by answering an important question (and a great icebreaker): which video game character would make the best partner and why?
League of Legends   Team Liquid Partners With HUYA Team Liquid is excited to announce that we’re partnering with HUYA to bring our live streams to China.
Dota 2   Welcome w33 Join us in welcoming Aliwi “w33” Omar to Team Liquid. He will be joining us just in time for the final Major of the year, Epicenter. Afterwards we will be setting our sights at TI9 where we hope to claim our second Aegis of Champions.
Hearthstone | Auto Chess   We're Hiring: Player Manager (Card Strategy) Team Liquid is searching for a multi-talented card games expert to manage our players across Hearthstone, Magic, Autochess, and more. Our roster in these games fields some of the biggest names in streaming and competitive play. We’re looking for a manager who can help push them even further!
CS:GO   No More Second Bests For most teams, 2nd is an improvement. For Team Liquid, it wasn’t enough. First place was always the goal and this year we got it. After winning the IBUYPOWER Masters, IEM Sydney, and DreamHack, we earned the #1 spot in the HLTV rankings.
Apex Legends   Welcome Nasticle to our Apex Legends Team We are very excited to introduce Nasticle as the latest addition to our Apex Legends team! We can't wait to see him help bring the TL fam some Apex victories, titles, and trophies.
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July 20
  • GLL Grand Slam
  • IEM Chicago
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July 21
  • LCS: vs. Clutch Gaming
  • GLL Grand Slam
  • LCS: vs. Golden Guardians
July 22
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