Liquid Community Spotlight: Rondinelli The Liquid Review - August 2023 Welcome Shadow20z!
WoW   Layers of Raiding: Jet and Maevey As the Race to World First has grown, so has Liquid Guild. The Race was once a battle between raiders alone, but now it's the biggest event in World of Warcraft - and one of the most unique and deep esports in the world. With all that depth comes all kinds of layers and perspectives. The primary view is no longer just the raider, the healer, the dps, the tank but also the caster, the analyst, the producers, and even more. In this interview, we take a look at two layers, the caster (Jet) and the healer (Maevey).
  Get the HyperX Blue Keycap Have you ever looked down at your keyboard and wished that there was a friendly little face there to cheer you on? Well, wish no more! Team Liquid has teamed up with HyperX to bring you a limited edition, 3D printed keycap featuring our adorable mascot, Blue.
  Fitzyhere joins Team Liquid Fitzyhere joins Team Liquid! Fitzy is one of Overwatch's best Sombras and most creative players. Before he went into Overwatch, he was known in StarCraft 2 for this unique late-game Zerg strats - and for the giant headset/helmet he wore to tournaments! Learn about Fitzy's gaming journey, the legacy of, and whether or not he's still got that helmet.
  A gamer's guide to health If you're sitting at a desk and looking at a screen all day, it can be hard to stay on top of your physical health. Pro gamers stay in good shape with the help of physical therapy, good nutrition, and health supplements - and you can, too!
  The Liquid Review - July 2023 June was a quieter month for Liquid than May, but the month did see Liquid win some trophies and break some droughts in both Sash and Warcraft (WoW). The month also saw Liquid's moba teams return to form and a dramatic shift in identity for the CS division, so be sure to catch up if you haven't yet!
Dota 2   Exploring Dota’s New Frontiers SAP and Team Liquid pair up to break down Dota's newest patch - 7.33! Read up to figure out what items are benefitting which heroes, why Magnus popped off in the regional leagues, and how Tundra runs a great Tormentor strategy.
Smash | Fighters   Why is the FGC so Queer? In the broader fighting game community, but in the Guilty Gear community especially, there’s a running joke that if you sit down at the setup and your opponent is a trans kid, you have no chance of victory. That kid is an absolutely insane player and you are about to be destroyed by combos and mix-ups beyond your imagination.
Overwatch | Valorant   Co-ed, Game Changers, and Valorant’s trans players For Valorant, and many esports, trans athletes can get stuck in an awkward position - plagued by stigma in me's leagues and sometimes forbidden from women's. With Game Changers, Riot has sought to alter that for the better, letting trans women and cis women play together. But interestingly, in talking with top trans GC players Bob and KP, we learn that most women in the scene want the same thing: not to stomp Game Changers, but to prove themselves at the co-ed, tier 2 level.
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