The Liquid Review - February 2023 Matumbaman - A legacy in numbers Yeon: No Pressure for the Rookie
League of Legends   CoreJJ’s wake-up call to the LCS The way CoreJJ sees it, if the LCS want to rival the LCK and LPL then it needs to wake-up and put in the work. He's worked with Team Liquid to put together a roster that will out-work and out-perform the rest of the league so sharply that it will wake them up to their weaknesses. "Work-life balance is a mirage," says the world champion. And now it's time to come back to reality.
League of Legends | Auto Chess   Chatting: Can the Community Outsmart the TFT Meta? Looking for an off-meta and offbeat comp for Set 8 in TFT? Well, look no further! We've spoken with the TFT community (particularly, robinsongz and Kurumx's discords) to find 3 off-meta comps that just might be able to challenge the Jax's and Yuumi's and Sett's of the world. Then we had a high elo TFT writer try out each comp and give a writeup on the strength and strategy of each one. If you want a new way to play set 8, we've got 3.
  The Liquid Review - January 2023 A new year, a new Liquid Review. Were you too busy with the holidays to keep up with all the esports? Catch up with everything Team Liquid did in December 2022 with this article. We're covering everything from the BLAST run to our new League squad, to Smash's wild year-end, to RWF, to Team Liquid's world-championship win in a surprise esport.
WoW   New paths & past tiers: Blizzard talks raid design As Vault of the Incarnates and the Race to World First reaches for a photo-finish, Liquid Guild’s Bubbadub and Sang talk with one of Blizzard’s Senior Encounter Designers - Michael Nuthals. The three look at the past and future of the RWF, reflecting on Sepulcher and how it would impact Vault of the Incarnates. In the interview, there’s a lot of insight about Blizzard’s design philosophy, how they approached Vault of the Incarnates, and the nostalgia that fuels World of Warcraft.
Auto Chess   robinsongz: No High Rolls for Old Men In the world of streaming and esports, every pro needs something to set them apart. For Robinsongz, it’s being consistent and being old. (AKA oldge if you’re one of the believers in his chat.) Old and consistent might not sound like selling points, but in TFT—where most streamers are 20-somethings who don't know how to cook an egg—these two traits make Robin a skillful competitor and leader.
Smash | Fighters   Bordering our Hearts: On Esports and Community In the wake of the collapse of the Panda Cup and Smash World Tour, top Melee player Logan Dunn sits down with Hungrybox to talk about Smash as an esport vs. Smash as a grassroots community. In the process, Logan works through thoughts about Smash's future, past, and how to intertwine them to create a better present.
Call of Duty | Apex Legends   Farewell ALGS Unfortunately, the time has come for us to leave the ALGS and competitive Apex, though we'll be staying in Apex content creation. We've put together an article that we hope will both explain our decision and celebrate our decorate roster and rich history in the scene. See our official statement, a small history of our time in Apex, letters from our Apex staff, and fan favorite moments within.
WoW   RWF is here: Vault info, Jailer timeline, & more! The Race to World First (RWF) is upon us, with the Vault of the Incarnates soon to open. This article will get you up to speed with all the info you need about our broadcast, our guides, and our prior raids. The Liquid Guild Timeline is returning in more depth than ever, going over the entire of the Sepulcher of the First Ones. It's a wild story, so don't miss it.
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