The L4st Meta: acola, Canada, and Steve (again) Liquid Pride '22: A Queer Q&A The Liquid Review - June 2022
League of Legends | Smash   The Rise of the Resilience Meta Esports is known for burnout - athletes retiring in their mid-20's because they can't keep up. But Coach Bobby and Coach Chung are looking to change all that. They want to see a new world of esports where, as the field grows, so too do the number of veterans within it. By bringing in expertise from traditional sports, from science-based coaching, and from their unique backgrounds, they hope to bring about the Resilience Meta.
League of Legends   Take notes: How TLH is Learning From EG After a shocking 0-3 loss to Evil Geniuses in the Losers Finals of the 2022 Spring Playoffs, Team Liquid’s dressing room is predictably quiet. Quiet enough that, through SQUAD’s camera crew, you can hear the sound of the players’ shoes shuffling against the carpet. After a moment, Liquid head coach André "Guilhoto" Pereira Guilhoto ruptures the silence.
League of Legends   What's Going on With Squad? Six years ago, I was sent to cover the LCS World Championship semi-finals at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Within the bowels of America's foremost sports stadium — where Knicks and Rangers mingle on game days — the rosters of SK Telecom and ROX Tigers prepped for one of the biggest matches of their lives.
Apex Legends   "That’s the Real Version of our Team" Though Team Liquid finished their Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 season on an upswing, climbing to place eighth overall in the North American League, they weren't necessarily the favorites to win it all at the Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm, Sweden. After all, they were up against 39 squads comprised of the world's very best Apex pros.
  Never Two Late: Community Spotlight with BarbEric Eric “BarbEric” Dhillon always puts a smile on faces with his dad jokes. His love for the Team Liquid community and staff means he won’t stop at anything to show his appreciation for the org that brings him joy.
Smash   The L4st Meta: Slingshots and DLC Privilege Welcome to the L4st meta: A monthly column where Liquid's Ultimate coach walks you through the meta and the discussion points of the day. In the kickoff, L4st has a lot to talk about between the meta-changing Slingshot, Steve as a matchup check, and how Kazuya is a Shoto! Yep, that's a L4st interview alright.
StarCraft 2 | Hearthstone | League of Legends | CS:GO | Smash | Dota 2 | PUBG | Quake | Rainbow Six | Fortnite | Apex Legends | Auto Chess | Rocket League | Valorant | WoW | Age of Empires IV   The Liquid Review: May 2022 It's Major May! Major in the sense that 6 different esports titles had a major this month - but also major in the sense of rosters. Team Liquid has a lot of new faces this month, some notable departures, and with it - a change in tidings. Read all about your favorite teams and more right here, in the Liquid Review: May 2022.
  Team Liquid's Asian & Pacific Islander Food Zine Feeling hungry? Celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month with us and dive into our API Food Zine, a collection of experiences celebrating our love of gaming through our love of API cuisine!
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