Lex Q&A - The Quarathon, Poker, and Streaming Communicating The Game Team Liquid's TFT Galaxy Qualifier
League of Legends | CS:GO | Dota 2   Make-A-Wish® Come True Secretlab and Team Liquid have organized a 24 hour-long charity stream marathon to raise money for Make-A-Wish. From Friday, May 22 to Saturday, May 23, Team Liquid players, influencers, and friends will be streaming games.
League of Legends   Tactical Moves to LCS Roster Please welcome Tactical as he moves to our LCS roster!
Apex Legends   Galaxy Brain Coaching - Welcome Hodsic We are very pleased to announce that Hodsic will be joining Team Liquid as our new Apex Legends Coach.
Dota 2   Itemizing with iNSaNiA With SAP's assistance, iNSaNiA breaks down a part of drafting in Dota 2 that is often ignored. Items.
League of Legends   Team Liquid x Secretlab The world’s most successful esports organization is teaming up with the world’s top gaming chair brand. Secretlab is launching a Team Liquid Edition gaming chair to celebrate Team Liquid’s rich 20-year legacy of success.
StarCraft 2   The Totally True Story of how TLO Got His Name We all know that TLO supposedly stands for “TheLittleOne,” as his older brothers handle is "TheBigOne" but did you know there are supposedly some other origin stories for his ID? These are the totally true stories for how TLO got his name.
League of Legends   We're Hiring: Digital Product & Marketing Managers We're hiring! Team Liquid is looking for a qualified Digital Product Manager and a Marketing Manager to help drive our business forward.
StarCraft 2   Saltiness, SC and Streaming: Lex’s Poker Journey We spoke to Lex Veldhuis about his Poker career, streaming, StarCraft, and how he avoids tilting at the table.
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