Thank You For Believing Birds of a Feather: Welcome Erick and Kanario Team Liquid's Big Week
League of Legends   "L-Pop" - Liquid Pop Have you ever wondered what our League of Legends team would be like if they were a K-pop group? Yes? Luckily we've got you covered!
Rainbow Six   O Novo Capítulo de ziG: Aposentadoria e Casamento Isso não é um adeus. Sim, ziGueira está se aposentando do cenário competitivo profissional de Rainbow 6 Siege. Mas ele não ficará longe do R6, nem de seus fãs. Na verdade, ele espera que sua nova carreira como streamer o aproxime ainda mais dos fãs que ele acumulou enquanto jogava pela nossa camisa nos últimos dois anos.
Dota 2   Dota 2 Disney Crossover: Return of Matumbawoman There’s no denying it. We’re living in the age of the crossover. Given that the MDL Disneyland Paris Major is just around the corner, we’re finally laying to rest an age-old question: What Disney Princesses do our Dota2 players most resemble in appearance, character, and spirit?
Smash   GameCube Controller Abuse: An In-Depth Study A shocking new statistic has just emerged in an ongoing study on the disturbing effects that saltiness has on Smash players and how they take it out on their poor, precious controllers. We spoke to HungryBox, a self-proclaimed GameCube controller abuser, about the issue.
League of Legends   We're Hiring: LCS Academy Head Coach Help Team Liquid develop the next wave of LCS stars. We are searching for a talented head coach for our Academy team who can help our players grow in and out of the game. Our Head Coach will be working at the AWTF with some of the most decorated LCS staff and players, and of course, they get to eat Chef Manny's food.
StarCraft 2 | League of Legends | Dota 2   From a Tiny Creek to a Mighty River: The History of Team Liquid Team Liquid has gone through a lot over the last 19 years. From Brood War all the way to our three-peat in League of Legends we look back at some of the great memories we've made during the last two decades.
League of Legends   Get Fit With TL: MSI Edition You there! Yeah you! Are you looking to get swole? Are you looking to get FIT out of your MIND for mid-season beach season? Are you looking to get buffer than a CertainlyT rework? Do you wanna be able to literally carry your teammates on and off the rift? Then we’ve got the program for you!
League of Legends   The Balancing Act of Jake Puchero Maintaining a proper work-life balance can be extremely hard. Esports is an especially tricky industry to maintain a good work-life balance in. It has this uncanny way of bridging the gap between your professional and personal lives. This is how Xmithie does it.
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