We are made of legend and forged from steel. Ancient ones regarded women as the Mother or Goddess. These days we prefer the title, CEO. Since history could be carved into stone, women have received a narrative shaped by men. But in recent times our prowess, might, rage, compassion, solutions and leadership are entirely re-shaping male-dominated industries.

Team Liquid is full of women from different backgrounds all over the world. In this series, you’ll hear from a few of them in their own words on their journey, their various fields, and who they are. This is for any of you who want a deeper understanding of who we are and how we work together. Getting into esports happens in a number of ways; all our paths are different. We hope you see possibility reflected in these stories.

-Indu Reddy, Writing Director

Women are the real architects of society.— Cher


  1. Lizzie & Shelley

    Shelley Taniguchi and Lizzie Leader on their experience rising in the industry.

  2. Cristina

    Cristina Amaya impacts gaming with representation and bold direct initiatives.

  3. Kathryn & Katie

    Kathryn Madden and Katie Cohen create Liquid+ magic for fans.

  4. Caroline & Heather

    Caroline Parker-Stark and Heather Wicks take us behind-the-scenes of 1UP Studios.

  5. Stacey & Tiffany

    Stacey Yamada and Tiffany Peng make fan art all day on the graphic design team.

  6. Brittany

    Brittany Lattanzio has TLnet community roots and leads EU talent managers.

  7. Navneet & Cheery

    Navneet Randhawa and Cheery Huang are the voices of @TeamLiquid and @TeamLiquidLoL.

Women in Esports Charity Poker Tournament

In honor of Women’s History Month, Team Liquid and Poker Powher—a woman-led company on a mission to teach one million women the game of skill—are teaming up to "flip the table" in poker and esports.

On March 25 and 26, we're hosting a Women in Esports Charity Poker Tournament, which brings together women from leading esports organizations to compete in advanced and beginner virtual poker tournaments powered by Poker Powher.