Welcome, 2023 Coinbase Ambassadors

March 17 2023

2023 Coinbase Ambassadors

In 2021 Team Liquid partnered up with Coinbase—the most trusted and secure platform to buy, sell, transfer, and store cryptocurrency. In just two years, Coinbase also grew into one of our most trusted partners! With Coinbase’s help, we’ve been able to reach higher and do more than ever before. We powered up the Race to World First broadcast, we created insanely good CS content, and we created Coinbox—The biggest online weekly Smash tournament in both Ultimate and Melee.

From the very beginning, the Team Liquid and Coinbase partnership has been about going above and beyond. (Literally.) In that spirit, last year Coinbase started an Ambassador program, working with a few talented TL creators with the goal of not just representing Coinbase, but of leveling up their content. Which brings us to today…

We're excited to announce the 2023 Coinbase Ambassadors! We’re welcoming back two of our previous Ambassadors—AverageJonas and Hungrybox—and bringing four new faces into the mix: Broxah, BobqinXD, Tiffae, and Haru! You can learn more about them below!


Broxah is a Worlds-Finalist and EU LCS-winning League of Legends streamer, commentator, and analyst. He was previously the jungler for Team Liquid, and returned later on as a dedicated streamer and creator. You can find him sharing his wisdom on stream and sometimes on broadcast. As one of the most positive and friendly voices in League, he makes for a great ambassador.

Twitch | YouTube


Known as a two-time collegiate Champion & as a former Team Liquid Academy player, Bobqin is now a full time streamer for Team Liquid. He works to teach others how to climb the ranks through supportive and insightful commentary while continuing his own LoL legacy. We’re excited for him to be an ambassador with us this year.

Twitch | YouTube


Back for another year as a Coinbase Ambassador, we have AverageJonas! Jonas is a streamer known for his incredible intellect both in game and in life. He’s a singing Sova main who is always about keeping the vibes up and spreading love throughout the community. We are thrilled to have him support this endeavor for a second year in a row!

Twitch | YouTube


Haru is new to the program and comes in as an Ambassador both to TL fans to Brazil! She’s a portuguese-speaking full time variety streamer whose personality is as bright and exciting as her content. She is a known memer who builds her stream around having a good time with her friends.

Twitch | YouTube


Another newcomer, Tiffae is all about empowering people to be their best selves. She is a Valorant player known for standing up to toxicity, coaching others to the top, and creating a friendly, cozy vibe on stream. She is kind, honest, and willing to stand up for her community—that is why she makes a great ambassador.

Twitch | YouTube


And we could never forget our jigglypuff maining fiend, Hungrybox, who is back for another year as a Coinbase ambassador. He was ranked 1st in the SSBMRank for three consecutive years, he is a co-owner of Team Liquid, he’s been here since the Curse days, and he just recently won Esports Content Creator of the Year at the Esports Awards 2022. His enthusiasm is contagious and we’re excited to have him as an ambassador again, running even more Coinbox tournaments for the Smash community.

Twitch | YouTube

In the world of esports and crypto, Coinbase goes above and beyond, helping some of gaming's best creators do their best work yet. So, if you’re looking for a new creator to watch, you better check out our Coinbase Ambassadors. And if you’re looking for a trusted and secure way to manage your crypto portfolio, well, you know where to go.

Writer // Becca Glantz
Editor // Austin "Plyff" Ryan
Graphics // Shihab Mian

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