Team Liquid Enters the Guild of Guardians Universe

February 10 2023

Team Liquid Enters the Guild of Guardians Universe!

We are excited to share that we have been working on a Team Liquid hero inside the upcoming free-to-play mobile game Guild of Guardians!

Guild of Guardians is a top-down action RPG where players assemble a team of four heroes to battle the hordes of evil that threaten the fantasy world of Elderym. Similar to MOBA games, each hero has a distinct set of abilities and a role to play in the overall team composition.

Team Liquid’s digital items have always been an important extension of our brand. Creating a complete video game character from scratch is not only a first for our organization, but also a unique opportunity to flex our creativity.

Meet Aurora

Together with the creative team at Guild of Guardians - we are bringing to life Aurora.

The process of creating Aurora was incredibly inspiring for us. Interpreting the visual identity and brand values of Team Liquid into a hero with her own personality is something we haven’t done before and we’re proud of the result.

We have really loved working together with the Guild of Guardians team in designing Aurora. They truly took the time to understand what elements would make a hero in their game feel uniquely ‘Team Liquid.’ After workshopping some initial designs, the result is a stunning water spirit hero and the first playable TL character we have ever made for any game. - Bo Kryne, VP of Product, Data, and Digital Items

On February 8, Aurora, along with seven other heroes from other major esports teams like Cloud9, NaVi, and NiP, became available for pre-order on the Guild of Guardians website.

The mint is randomly distributed (meaning the hero summoned will be a surprise), and each mint has a chance to be a special edition color variant, with the following probabilities: 10% Warrior, 2% Elite, and a 1-of-1 Mythic.

Minting a hero could be worth your while—even if you don’t score a Mythic Aurora. Along with being able to trade and sell minted heroes without restrictions on the Immutable X marketplace, holding an Esports Hero in particular comes with exclusive utility, both in-game and through various web3 gaming events around the world.

Aurora will become a playable hero as soon as the game releases. While we’re excited about this limited-release hero, we also want to mention that a free-to-play craftable hero is also in the works so that all Liquid fans have a way to participate. We’ll share more information when it’s available!

Why We’re Partnering With Guild of Guardians

Working together with Guild of Guardians is an opportunity for Team Liquid to be represented in a high-quality mobile game, not just with a simple cosmetic addition, but a full-fledged hero we had a hand in designing right at the start.

The mobile gaming market has grown immensely in the last decade and we think that blockchain gaming, digital ownership, and play-to-earn are the next frontiers of the genre. We are well aware of the justified skepticism towards games with web3 components in our community. But in this case, our contribution to the game feels authentic, and we believe Guild of Guardians puts fun and engaging gameplay first.
When can you play?

Guild of Guardians is planning for a full mainnet release in the second half of 2023.

In the meantime, our Team Liquid staff will be participating in the upcoming closed beta, where they’ll be providing feedback to the development team as they make their finishing touches on the game. You can see more news and content by following Guild of Guardians on Twitter for future updates or visiting their website.

Writer // Ivaylo Monev
Editor // Brian Funes
Graphics // Tiff "luzufu" Peng
Graphics // Key art provided by Guild of Guardians

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