RWF is here: Vault info, Jailer timeline, & more!

December 12 2022

RWF is here: Vault info, Jailer timeline, & more!

The Race to World First is back right in time for the holidays! Blizzard has cracked open Vault of the Incarnates and kicked off the competitive boss rush that is RWF. Liquid, Echo, and all the top guilds have already started preparing their mad dash to First, but don’t worry, this post will get you caught right up. We’ll let you know where to watch, what charity we’re working with, and we’ll even give you a behind-the-scenes look at everything that happened in our last raid. Victories and defeat, glories and gore.

If you want more info about Liquid Guild, check out You can see our roster of raiders and broadcast talent, learn about the bosses we’ll face, and - when the time comes - learn how to beat those bosses yourself. (Guides. I’m talking about our written Heroic and Mythic guides, which will be on the website. You’ll be able to find video guides on our Guild YouTube channel.)

(Check out our RWF announcement video as well. It’s definitely not ripping off the Lord of The Rings prologue.)

If you want to follow along with the race, then tune into our RWF broadcast on our Twitch channel or on the Guild website! We’ll have a morning show, a night show, recaps, highlights, giveaways, raider spotlights, listen-ins, daily MVPs, and all kinds of other ridiculous segments that you can unlock through donations.

Those donations don’t go to Team Liquid! They go to Ocean Conservancy - a leading environmental non-profit that fights for cleaner oceans. You might think we teamed up with Ocean Conservancy for the Liquid pun - but we really picked it because 71 percent of the planet is ocean and pollution could present an existential threat to the planet and humanity. And Ocean Conservancy is leading the fight for cleaner waters and a better world to live in.

Finally, if you watched our last raid - or if you missed it and want to catch up - be sure to check out our newly updated Liquid Guild timeline. On top of improving the look and readability, we’ve also gone into as much depth as we can on the last race - Sepulcher of the First Ones. The timeline is a walkthrough of everything that went wrong - and right - in our last tier. It’s also a glimpse into what it takes to raid at the absolute highest level and one of the wildest stories that you’ll see in esports.

Scroll down and see for yourself.

(Or click here for a full-size image of the new timeline in two parts - Limit Era and The Sepulcher Saga.)

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Writer // Austin "Plyff" Ryan
Graphics // Zack Kiesewetter

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