Get to know the Guild! A timeline, intro, & more

March 03 2022

Get to know the Guild! A timeline, intro, & more

With Mythic Week for Sepulcher right around the corner, we’re only inches away from the Race to World First! As Limit Guild turns in to Liquid Guild, they look to raise the bar for WoW’s biggest PvE event once again and send Echo back to 2nd place. For some of you, that’s all pretty wizard. For others, none of these words have any meaning. Sure, individually they do, but in sequence they might as well form a dense, unknowable miasma around a ruined temple to a god with a forgotten name.

If you’re here asking questions like, “What is Mythic? Who is this Guild? What is the Race to World First? How do they race? Why do they race? When I look into the mirror, I don’t recognize the person I see there anymore - where did that person go? Where did I go? When - no, how - how did I lose track of myself?” then don’t worry. We’ve got a video that will help you answer most of those questions. It’s all part of our Game Guides series that’s something of a viewer’s guide to the wide and sometimes incomprehensible world of esports.

After you watch the guide, you’ll wanna learn about the guild! When Liquid partnered with Limit Guild, they picked up one of the absolute best raiding guilds in all of World of Warcraft. Limit’s been around since 2015 and has a long history of mythic raiding - and if you want a nice, quick scan of that history, then you should check out the timeline at the bottom of this article, or in the link below! If you REALLY want to know the entire story of the guild then check out the full write-up. It's an interview with Tagzz and Thdlock that walks through every step of the path from Limit to Liquid, loaded with info about the Race to World First and WoW as a whole.

Click here (or scroll to the bottom) for the visual timeline of guild.

But wait, there’s even more. We’ll also have a separate website where you can find raiding guides from Liquid Guild themselves, stream links to the individual raiders, and the event details that let you know when and where to tune in to watch the race.

As a part of the race, we’re joining up with Girls Who Code! They’re a non-profit that aims to close the gender gap in computing and STEM fields and help more girls get involved in tech. If you donate to Girls Who Code through our link, you’ll help unlock incentives that’ll really spice up our World First broadcast. So be sure to donate not only to help a good cause but also to stick to all of those Pizza-narcs who say pineapple shouldn’t be on Pizza. (Pizza isn’t a temple, it’s a child’s birthday party. Don’t lie to yourself.)

Limit to Liquid - A timeline

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Writer // Austin "Plyff" Ryan
Graphics // Zack "Zack Arts" Kiesewetter

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