Welcome Oski and Atow!

February 11 2022

Welcome Oski and Atow!

We’re thrilled to welcome Tristan "Atow." Soyez and Oskar "Oski" Gozdowski into the Team Liquid family. Atow. and Oski are two of the most exciting young Rocket League prodigies in the EU scene. We saw what they could do at the Monaco Gaming Show, late last year, where they stepped in and stepped up! Filling in for Ronaky and Flakes, they pushed our roster to the Finals. At that point, we knew that this was only the beginning.

When we signed Atow. and Oski late last year, we circled the RLCS Winter EU Regional 3 as our first tournament. While we can't qualify for the Winter Major, we have to reach for as many circuit points as we can and give our players as much big stage experience as possible.

However, the dates for open and closed qualifiers for the EU Regional 3 fell just before Atow. and Oski turned 15. Given the unusual circumstance of our players missing the qualifying event by just 4-5 days, but being able to make the regional event the qualifier leads into, we spoke with Psyonix last year and presented our case. After some consideration, Psyonix allowed us to field Atow. and Oski for the open qualifiers. We’re thankful for Psyonix’s understanding and appreciate their flexibility.

To further welcome our players, we have a written interview with Oski and Atow.. You can read Oski's interview here. And you'll be able to read Atow.'s interview next week.

Editor // Austin "Plyff" Ryan
Graphics // Zack Kiesewetter

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