Get to know Valorant! A timeline, intro, & more

November 30 2021

Get to know Valorant! A timeline, intro, & more

After a grueling year of challenges and comebacks, Team Liquid has qualified for Valorant: Champions - the biggest event in Valorant history. For some of you, that’s hype as hell. For others, none of these words have any meaning and this all might as well be ancient hieroglyphs circling the faded monuments of a lost civilization.

If you’re here asking questions like, “What is a VALORANT? Who does a VALORANT? Why does a VALORANT? My body is going through a lot of changes and I’m scared, can you tell me what they mean and if I’m going to be okay?” then don’t worry. We’ve got a video that will help you answer most of those concerns. It's part of a new series we're debuting called Game Guides!

(If you've gotten here early, this video may be private. It is real! I promise! Check back after 11 AM PST.)

The Game Guide above will get you up to speed with the diverse strategies and "Precise Gunplay" of Valorant. You’ll have a basic literacy for reading all the game’s weird symbols and the general flow of the game. It’s even narrated by LiquidFanTV - one of the Liquid community’s biggest fan voices. (If you haven’t yet, check out the LiquidFanTV Champions primer below.)

Once you’re all caught up with the VALORANT basics, you should get caught up with Team Liquid’s history in the game. We’ve put together a timeline for you below that recounts everything the team has done, going all the way back to the Fish123 days.

We gathered unique insight from the team’s coach, Sliggy, to pepper the timeline with quotes and some insider information. That way, you get a better sense of the soul of the team. If you want to read deep into that soul and fully grapple with Liquid’s history in the game, then check out the complete timeline here.

This article contains full quotes and inside looks into Liquid’s journey through Valorant - the good, bad, and ugly. Stay tuned, as we’ll be releasing 2 more interviews on our website and additional content on YouTube and Twitter.

Most of all, be sure to tune into Valorant: Champions on December 2nd and root for the team. As a collective, we must tune in and spam the chat so that the Sentinels’ ego doesn’t grow so large that it pushes all human life off the planet and into the cold, cold vacuum of space.

Liquid in Valorant - A Timeline:

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Writer (Game Guide, Timeline) // Austin "Plyff" Ryan
Graphics (Timeline) // Zack Kieswetter
Voicover (Game Guide) // Eric "LiquidFanTV" Rothensee
Video Editing // 1UP Studios

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