TL hits the road with Hercules Tires

October 12 2021

TL hits the road with Hercules Tires, the original Rocket League tournament

TL hits the road with Hercules Tires, the original Rocket League tournament

Cars are cool. But tires are how you go places. Tires carry us everyday and get our Rocket League vehicles zooming over a pitch. We’ll just say it. Rocket League is one of the most fun esports to watch. Everyone is equal on the pitch and on the road, too.

Team Liquid is proud to announce we’re partnering with Hercules Tires to help drive the Rocket League scene forward with the Hercules Tires Invitational Series. Kicking off on October 20, this two-part event will enable top-tier talent to further showcase their drive and skillset.

Given that alignment (pun intended), the competition will showcase 16 of North America’s most popular Rocket League teams like G2, Torrent, XSET and Oxygen Esports. They’ll compete head-to-head for cash prizes (hitting $12,000) and bragging rights. That’s 35 matches between October 20-21 and October 27-28 on!

Founded 70 years ago, Hercules has maintained a sterling reputation among car and truck owners for high performance, high value tires that outrace the competition. The brand will continue to channel that excellence as the naming rights partner of Team Liquid’s North American Rocket League Pro Series. Pretty fitting for the Hercules’ first-ever partnership in esports.

We’re eager to get things rolling and are committed to building out a great tournament for fans to enjoy!

Stay tuned. We’ll share more details on the series soon.

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