Team Liquid Partners with Verizon

June 14 2021

Verizon is Team Liquid's Official 5G Partner

Never again will jungle drop your calls on the Rift. Your connection to Team Liquid will be stronger than ever through our partnership with Verizon. Watch a stream from your phone. Powered by 5G, your stream will never lag. Not once.

If you lag, we’ll pay (not really).

Verizon is building 5G towers sites at Team Liquid facilities for pros and streamers to work with lightning fast connection. As Team Liquid’s first and Official 5G Partner, Verizon will use their integration into esports and expansive network to do amazing things for our fans and pros.

Verizon is already present and large in esports—they’re also the official 5G partner for Riot Games across the LCS, select World competitions, and Valorant esports. Initiatives they support at Team Liquid include optimizing the network of our streamers, pros, facilities, and engaging in our community initiatives promoting Liquid to fans across the world.

Together with Verizon, we’ll create content featuring your favorite pros and streamers. You’ll see these pros host and participate in original 5G-powered and branded streams, exclusive experiences like meet-and-greets, appearances, and giveaways (like Liquid apparel and Verizon Up Rewards).

We’ll collaborate with Verizon on community initiatives like LIQUID HACKS, Amateur Academies (more info coming soon), fan rewards and promotions. Verizon will also add power to our Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. This partnership focuses on positive change and we’re teaming up to produce content and events that help set up aspiring competitors and streamers for success.

Look out for faces like TL’s Aerial Powers (as an official Verizon spokesperson), Alixxa, Scoped, Mendo, 72 hrs, and CoreJJ as they boost the playing field on Liquid's Twitch channel (we'll let you know when). Verizon’s reach into esports lets Team Liquid pros and athletes integrate deeper into the community, and we love when our team reaches fans in new spaces. (If your jungler misses pings, we can’t help you with that.)

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