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June 01 2021

Team Liquid and Alienware Launch Good in Gaming, Mentorship Program and Tournament Series

Team Liquid and Alienware Launch Good in Gaming, Mentorship Program and Tournament Series

Everyone deserves a chance to work in games. Alienware and Team Liquid are launching a series of programs. These are tournaments, mentorships, internships, a chance to earn scholarships, and content that helps you learn about esports careers. We’ve designed them to make a space where all of us are welcome:


Two interns will receive four-month paid internships within Team Liquid that include onboarding, hands-on education, goal-setting, mentoring, and project work intended to add value to their resumes/work portfolios. Mentors give you real world connection. It’s personal. You’ll form a career development plan, speak to the right people and build real relationships.

In the internship program, students or entry level professionals will work with different departments and build a portfolio of experience jobs ask for. This program is designed to create a safe ecosystem where students from all backgrounds can expand their connections to the industry and prepare for the career they want.


This six-part video content series developed by Team Liquid’s 1UP Studios will profile masters across varying esports crafts to share wisdom and practical tips to those looking to embark on their own journeys. Alongside host Kelly Link, Team Liquid employees will guide viewers on an exploration into the business of esports in an educational and entertaining format.


This six-part mini-series follows Liquid players and leadership as they introduce their personal esports journeys and those who helped them along the way. As part of Legacy, talent will also donate Alienware hardware to their charity of choice. First up, Liquid co-CEO Steve Arhancet!


Season 1 is for Fortnite players in BR, NA and EU. Games begin on June 10 and all skill levels can apply. Sign up through Discord and prepare to fight for the Championship. Participating in the games enters you for giveaways loaded with Alienware and Team Liquid gear. But there’s also eligibility to apply for the Good in Gaming Scholarship. Winners of the tournament have great prizes and get the Finals streamed live. Participating in the tournament also contributes to raising money for charity. Sign up at TL.GG/ATS.


We believe everyone deserves opportunities to enter esports and gaming. Alienware and Team Liquid are offering a scholarship to one applicant per region. You must compete in the tournament to apply for the scholarship. Your score has no impact on the application. Play at least one game and see the scholarship details for criteria and how to apply.


We hope there’s something for everyone to experience through these series of programs. Team Liquid and Alienware began their partnership in 2011 with the idea to do a better job in serving the community than they could do alone. In an effort to provide options, resources, space and organized solutions to our communities, Good in Gaming is here.

“Team Liquid is built on a long legacy in esports, and in our next two decades, we want to provide the opportunities and tools to all gamers to make legacies of their own. This is just the beginning of that mission, and we couldn’t be prouder to share it with our long-time partner Alienware.” -Mike Milanov, Team Liquid Chief Business Development Officer.

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