Team Liquid Launches Liquid Plus

January 27 2021

Team Liquid Fans: Liquid+ is Here!

Our Thank You to You

Our fans are the most generous, loyal, creative, giving and (sometimes) hardcore community in esports. Liquid+ is a home where everything you need as a Team Liquid fan comes together.

Liquid+ rewards fans for supporting Team Liquid and our over two hundred+ pro players, streamers and staff. But it’s not only about points (there’s definitely still points). On Liquid+, fans find the latest Schedule of live streams and Liquid games, the baddest content drops on athletes through Quests and Experiences, and prizes that offer a meaningful takeaway (like an AMA with ScreaM or signed Jensen jerseys).

Connect to Liquid+

Connect Liquid+ to sites and social media accounts you most often use to interact with Team Liquid (Twitch, Discord, Twitter, Reddit). Once you’re connected, using social channels as usual starts earning Liquid+ points right away. Check Liquid+ at any time through the course of a season and redeem your points without changing a thing. For fans who want tons of opportunities for points and rewards, Liquid+ is full of Quests and Experiences as well.

a screenshot of the platform connections page; with available platforms to connect to.

Our hope is Liquid+ offers way more than prizes. It keeps everyone up to date on all content all at once, informs you of the stuff you don’t want to miss with opportunities to have even more fun as a Liquid fan.

Quests & Experiences

We want every fandom to have a spotlight on Liquid+. If you’re a League of Legends aficionado, Liquid+ is going to have Quests and Experiences for you. If you’re a Dota purist, Liquid+ is going to have Quests and Experiences for you. If you’re a Melee get the point(s).

Liquid+ featured players and games give fans of all Liquid teams opportunities for prizes throughout a season. And finding new favorite streamers has never been easier.

Quests drop smaller bounties (poynts!) and sometimes larger prizes and Achievements. These run pretty often and will give you a variety of point-earning paths.

Experiences focus on something big in the Team Liquid Universe. These are major esports events—usually close to a Championship or a spotlight on a Team Liquid athlete with the opportunity for grand prizes. Liquid+ Experience Winners get rewards ranging from Alienware gear and signed Apparel to VIP events with Liquid athletes. If you don’t win, don’t worry—all Experience participants receive some points and reward items.

a screenshot of the experiences page; with quests and experiences.

Quests and Experiences route fans to Team Liquid events and content too. You’ll never miss a Squad video, Liquid athletes in hilarious (or epic) content, a stimulating Editorial feature on Starcraft, or Ovilee.

Where you get points is your choice, but through Liquid+, you’ll have the option to access all of Team Liquid’s big events and content made for you, our fans.

Shop and Prizes

You can win prizes in different ways. Experience participants will have opportunities to win big prizes for completion and Quests offer bounties regularly. The Liquid+ Shop has a bunch of items to redeem through points. These range from neat low-cost loot to way more expensive stuff.

a collection of cool rewards that you can get

The points you can spend in the Liquid+ Shop reset every season, so use them up before the end of the year. Your total points contribute to a Status as a Liquid+ user. As you earn points, you will rise in Status, unlocking new and permanent perks through the season.

A team of Liquid staff work on figuring out how to make Liquid+ prizes feel fun, fair and awesome for fans. We cannot share all the secret sauce, but we hope to not disappoint you. And you can poke them (respectfully) on the Liquid+ Discord.

Liquid + YOU

It was important for Liquid+ to feel like a space where fans are recognized for all the love they show their favorite teams and players. Your tweets, views and support—it’s something that carries players through hard times. Your memes and cheers have made a difference in losing streaks and big wins.

Because of you we try hard to be the best esports organization in the world—to our players, our staff, our partners and community. And this is our gift to you. We hope you enjoy Liquid+.

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