Team Liquid 20th Anniversary Time Capsule

December 30 2020
What Do 20 Years Of Team Liquid Mean To You?

It’s been 20 years of competition. 20 years of holding up trophies surrounded by confetti — and sometimes hanging our heads in defeat. 20 years of community spotlights, meet and greets, and tailgates. No matter what Team Liquid means to you, we wouldn’t be celebrating 20 years of esports without the staff and fans who continue to passionately support and inspire us.

That's why we want to see your memories and experiences when we look back on this anniversary.

To celebrate 20 years of Liquid, we are collecting photos, videos, letters, crafts, screenshots, poems dedicated to Blue — anything! — and putting them into time capsules at the Alienware Training Facilities in Santa Monica and Utrecht.

We have all experienced these past 20 years of Team Liquid in our own way so anything is fair game. You have until January 16 to share your part of Team Liquid’s history.

Show your #LetsGoLiquid spirit! Here's a fan pack with wallpapers and emotes — feel free to use them! Thank you for being a Team Liquid fan! <3

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