Journey: Dragons, Knights, and Team Liquid

September 25 2020

Welcome to the journey of Team Liquid’s League of Legends’ team as they head to the Worlds Play-In Stage. It’s been a year of persistence for the team, whose grit to be the best keeps them striving for even better success than their last.

We have the ultimate faith in the work of our team and it’s been a year to take pride in already. As Impact, Broxah, Jensen, Tactical, and CoreJJ gear up for a final takedown to get to Worlds it’s important to recognize the effort it takes to climb to the top.This year we’ve captured them in Squad, The Liquid Update, behind the scenes in Shanghai, and now here in our Team Liquid Worlds 2020 Fan Pack.

The story of Team Liquid is important. The values this team represents and inspires carry through in our world created for them. Journey into The Liquid Era, a realm of championship as our team charges forward to defeat new titans on their way to the ultimate Arena: Worlds 2020. We all have dragons to slay, but only the mightiest can do so many times over. Each Liquid LoL athlete has earned their weight in armor and carries the principle of knighthood.

We’ll have more Worlds 2020 content for you as the weeks go by and Team Liquid advances — Liquid Updates, deep dive articles on Broxah, CoreJJ and Jatt, new comics. Stay up to date with our team on Twitter (@TeamLiquidLoL). #LetsgoLiquid!

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