Make-A-Wish® Come True

May 12 2020

Make-A-Wish® Come True with Team Liquid’s CHAIR-ITY Stream, in Partnership with Secretlab

For the players and staff at Team Liquid, we’re already living the dream. We are a part of one of the winning-est teams in the world and we get to work in esports. So we want to make other people’s dreams come true, too.

Secretlab and Team Liquid have organized a 24 hour-long charity stream marathon to raise money for Make-A-Wish. From Friday, May 22 to Saturday, May 23, Team Liquid players, influencers, and friends will be streaming games, including Steve Arhancet, Hungrybox, Nitr0, Fasffy, Nurok, iNsan1a, SirhcEz, MaNa, CoreJJ, Tactical, Chillindude, Lex Veldhuis, Midbeast, Twistzz, EliGE, Stewie2k, Fiber, Cented, Fr0zen, IWD, oh_Nocturnal, Rikara, Chudat, Dabuz and Rakin.

Make-a-Wish works with some of the most vulnerable children and families around the world, giving them something to look forward to and giving every kid the childhood they deserve. This mission has become more challenging than ever since 77% of Make-A-Wish dreams involve travel.

Even though thousands of wishes have been canceled or delayed, Make-A-Wish is determined to find alternative ways to fundraise to still make wishes come true.

There’s where Team Liquid and the esports community comes into play. Gamers know better than anyone how to connect with people and share moments with friends from afar. During this lockdown, we are the best people to step up, reach out, and make a child’s day a little bit brighter.

This April marked the 40th anniversary of Make-a-Wish. Let’s show the world that nothing can stop us from making 2020 a year where wishes can still come true. Team Liquid and Secretlab invite gamers all over the world to come together and support Make-a-Wish.

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