The Totally True Story of how TLO Got His Name

April 01 2020

These are the tales of TLO you need to know

Unlike the name of the organization he plays for, TLO’s game is pretty solid if we ignore WCS 2019. But what we can’t ignore are the endless possibilities of what his name could’ve and should’ve stood for. If only he based it on the cooler things that happened in his life. We all know that TLO supposedly stands for “TheLittleOne,” as his older brothers handle is "TheBigOne" but I had to make some suggestions. Think about the broodlings. Would they follow TLO’s dictates if they knew?

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The Rise of TLO

The endless army of Zealots with Sith sabers could’ve stretched back from Europe to Seoul. Red Vikings ravaged the night sky, making quick work of the Brood Mothers. As Norway fell under the ominous laughter of Polt and Bomber lighting up the world, Snute exclaimed in agony, “This is how liberty dies….with thunderous applause.”

Before he could complain about how the sand was getting into his keyboard, TLO, atop an Ultralisk and with a sandwich in hand, entered.

“Never tell me the odds,” he said as he shot first and took a bite of the sandwich. “Throw the sandwich away, it is distracting you!”

“Never, because it was The Last Order from the nearest Jersey Mikes,” came the flat reply.

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Of WarCraft 3 and stuff

The sound of three Ping Pong balls echoed around the room as TLO used one hand to fight against Taeja, Solar, and Zest on three tables at once. With the other hand, he tossed popcorn from a bowl atop his large green belly. To test his balance, he stacked three bowls of popcorn on his head. From his computer came the sound of an Orc victory in WarCraft 3. On TeamSpeak, Grubby, Moon, and Infi thanked him for giving a chance to play against him.

“Sigh, still bored,” he thought.

Out of nowhere, Nazgul emerged with a Holo and a CD of StarCraft 2 in his hand.

“Bored you are, I see. Follow me, you must,” he said.

The Lazy Ogre that he was with not much to do, decided to follow.

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Just October Things

Snute’s army lay beaten as TLO’s band of Hydras and Roaches continued their triumphant march of victory on Kairos Junction. “Nothing can get in my way now,” TLO thought. Just as the final Hive was about to go down, he lost connection.

“@!*#&,” came the immediate response.

Nazgul entered the practice room and said, “Sorry, but a tree fell on the power line. October, you know.”

To refresh his mind, TLO headed out. The afternoon temperature got to his nerves. Leaves crumbling under his feet reminded him of the time he crumbled around BlizzCon. The orange of Autumn all around Germany gave him flashbacks of his hated map, Kairos Junction.

Snute caught up to him and asked him what was on his mind. TLO said, “I don't like October. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and the snow gets everywhere.”

“He’s Tilting Like it’s October, I guess,” Snute murmured.

Disclaimer: We cannot verify any of the above stories nor deny that they may or may not have happened at some point in time.

Writer // Soham Rane

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