Raise Your Subs to Another Three Years

January 23 2020

Chipotle cheese steak. Original Italian. TF Blade. We couldn’t get enough subs during our championship-filled 2019 season. In fact, we want even more turkey and provolone as we write this announcement. So it only makes sense to extend our partnership with North America’s favorite sandwich shop, Jersey Mike’s Subs, through 2022. That’s three more years of subs - and content, of course.

From Jersey Thursdays to A Fan Above, last year’s partnership with Jersey Mike’s was all about content that brought us closer to the Team Liquid community. Going forward, we’ll be bringing back fan-favorite programs - including Subs for Dubs and Jersey Thursdays - but we also have some new flavors for our fans to take a bite out of. This may be too many sub puns for your taste - sorry - but we know fans will be pumped for Sub Bombs in the Twitch chats of all your favorite Team Liquid streamers. And that’s just the first layer. Sorry again.

Speaking of streamers, we’ll have special promotions with them throughout 2020, including a day full of warm fuzzies (as well as food) in March. Keep watch for more info on that in the near future. In the meantime, chow down on a sub while listening to Jersey Mic’d where we mic up our players during LCS matches to let you spy on the spiciest moments in esports.

It will all kick off this month during the LCS opening weekend of January 25th. We’ll be taking over the West LA Jersey Mike’s franchise store next to the LCS Arena for a special co-branded experience. Throughout the season, Jersey Mike’s will be a central part of our tailgating and we’ll have special promotions on the regular.

We couldn’t be more excited to double down with Jersey Mike’s - here’s to a sub-tastic new season! Not sorry for that one!

Writer // Olivia Richman

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