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January 18 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Kaymind will be joining our PUBG team! He is one of the most talented PUBG players in the world and has proven that time and time again over the last year and a half. He won the Fall Invitational near the end of 2018 and most recently finished 9th at the PUBG Global Championship. We've competed against Kaymind across many events so we know just how terrifying he can be to go up against and we could not be happier that he is adding his strengths to Team Liquid. Expect to see Kaymind competing with us very soon as we drop back into the action in PUBG.

"I’m super pleased with Kaymind as our newest addition to the team. He’s by far the most popular and best player from NA. I couldn’t have wished for a better fit with the rest of the guys. He was the player we feared to face in all our drop locations so we’re lucky to have him on our side now. Kaymind is also a talented driver, that’s exactly what we need to fix our ‘Liquid driving’. Exciting times ahead!" - Frederik van Guldener, PUBG Manager

To get to know Kaymind a bit better, we had a short interview with him on his secrets of remaining consistent, what his favourite map is to play on, and what made him decide to come to Europe to play PUBG.

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Kaymind sometimes composes music, take a moment and listen while reading the interview below!

You can check out his soundcloud here

What made you decide that you wanted to go to Europe and play in the PEL after the success you found in North America?

There’s a few reasons that went into that. First of all, it wasn’t going as great as I wanted with my team; I didn’t feel like we had issues that we could fix, because we had tried several times to fix them. So I was kinda looking for a change, plus the fact that the EU scene was really still popular. The game is a lot more popular in the EU scene than the NA scene, especially right now with all the orgs leaving NA. It’s pretty much not even a thing anymore? So that’s another reason. There’s also the fact that I met someone that lives in France so I decided to come over and live here. That is definitely part of the reason.

And then what made you choose Team Liquid specifically compared to any other organization in Europe?

I mean Team Liquid definitely has been one of the top EU teams, one of the best PUBG teams, since the beginning of PUBG. They’ve always been a team that I have been really impressed by, and to be honest if you asked me a year ago if I would ever be on Team Liquid, I probably would have said no. But that fact that right now I get the chance to compete with these guys, it’s an honor to me and I’m really motivated to play with them. They’ve always done awesome and I think we can do really great together.

Was moving to Europe something that you knew you wanted to do before the Global Championship or has it all fallen into place since then?

Yeah, so even before Phase 3 began I was thinking of actually moving to EU. I decided to stick with my team for one more tournament as C9 had just dropped us so we were an unsigned team and we were going to create our own brand for the remaining time in Phase 3 and get to the PGC. We knew we were qualified to PGC before the end of Phase 3 actually, so there wasn’t really any point to me leaving at that point. I wanted to stay with the team for one more run and do the best that we could. So pretty much before the PGC I had already decided that I wouldn’t be staying on that team and I would be finding an EU team to join. It was our last tournament together but we didn’t see it as like, “Ah, it's our last tournament together so it’s kind of pointless.” We went in there and said let's give it all we’ve got and then when it’s done it’s done and let's move on from there.

So from your time on C9 starting back in 2018 all the way up to the PGC, how did you remain consistent in your results? What do you focus on to help keep you at the top?

I guess what really helps me stay consistent in PUBG is that I’m not a play maker. I’m not going to go out of my way to do a greedy play because I want to get a nice clip, or a nice double kill, or pad my stats, I will never do that. I always try to play with my team and I get the kills that I can get and try to stay alive as much as possible without obviously baiting teammates. Basically always try to stay alive, get the kills that you can get without getting too greedy and dying for it. I think a big thing for a lot of players in PUBG, they have really good aim, movement, stuff like that, but they try to go for those high risk kills. Going for those kills are not going to get you those kills, it’s just going to get you killed and then you end up not getting kills at all. I feel like that’s one of the biggest things that keeps me consistent.

And then because you’re still alive you also find yourself in a lot of those endgame scenarios in the smaller circles. When you get to that point, how do you stay composed and make sure you land those shots when you get the opportunity?

It’s kind of hard to describe. If you get a high kill game in PUBG it’s kind of snowbally. You start feeling it and the more you frag, the more you’re confident and at the end of the game you’re thinking, “I’m gonna peak that guy.” And you’re not thinking you’re going to die, it’s just I’m gonna peak that guy and I’m going to click on him. He’s like any other player, if I just click on him he’s going to die, and you’re not really thinking about how this guy is one of the best players in the world so I have to be careful. Nah, I’m going to peak in a way that I can get a shot on him, if I can’t then I’ll change the angle, you do stuff that you do against any other player because it’s just how you play the game and you don’t really think about how the guy you’re fighting is actually really good, you just play your game, try to play it smart, and do what you can to win.

What do you think of the different maps being played during the tournaments? Do you find that you play better on one specifically, or do you prefer to play on any of them specifically?

So I’ve always felt that I play better on either Erangel or Miramar. I guess what I don’t like about Sanhok that much is that it’s really full of grass and trees and stuff like that so there’s not much visibility. It’s a lot easier to get picked off by somebody proning in the grass or there’s a lot of fights where you can see the guy and then you crouch and then you can’t really see them anymore so you have to spray in the grass a little bit to try to find where he is exactly. That’s something I’ve always had a little trouble with so I’d say Sanhok is probably my worst map right now and then Erangel is my favourite map right now, probably because I’ve been playing it for the longest amount of time and I know it pretty much by heart. And even though I’ve been playing Miramar for a while as well it’s such a big map and there are so many random dips that you don’t really know yet because there are just so many of them it’s almost impossible to know every single little dip on that map. It’s definitely Erangel or Miramar though in terms of my favourite.

Does that help keep the game fresh for you, that you don’t know everything about the map and you can find yourself in new situations?

Yeah for sure. It’s like a constant learning process. You can get a bad game where something happens that you were not expecting but then you know that it can happen next time you can play it differently so it’s always a fresh process pretty much.

What has been a favourite highlight of your PUBG career been so far for you?

I think the Fall Invitational is really hard to beat because that had really tough competition and we kind of went in there as a new team, we had only been together for a few months, and we had a new teammate. So we just went in there thinking let's see what happens and we ended up competing really well and we actually ran into some issues during the tournament together, we sort of had a team fight and we somehow worked that out during the tournament and went on to win it. So, that was a really good feeling going from a bad start where we went into the tournament with a really bad attitude and things weren’t going well between us and then we fought through that and still won. That was a really good moment and a really fun tournament.

There has been a lot of talk on your stream and youtube comments about which team you’ll be joining, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and fans of TL?

I’ve seen a lot of people in the last couple of months spam Team Liquid in my chat, a lot of people saying it was going to happen, a lot saying it wasn’t going to happen. So I’m glad to tell everyone that it actually happened and I’m super proud of it! I’m super happy because you guys could actually see me there so I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me. You guys are amazing.

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