Team Liquid's Halloween Quiz

October 29 2019

It’s Halloween again and you know what that means! Trying to think up a damn costume. Sure, it was easy when you were 5 and could be a pumpkin or 8 and could be a superhero. But now you’re older and there are so many different choices and options.

Do I go high effort and interesting? Do I just buy a random sexy costume from Party City? Do I go for a low effort pun costume or an obscure character I like a lot? And, just like every other year, wearing a costume throws your entire identity in flux and the only way you can moor yourself in this uncertain world is by taking Facebook quizzes that tell you what gemstone or anime character you are.

Don’t you worry Team Liquid super fan! We’ve got you covered with a quiz that will simultaneously help you pick a costume and remind you of who you are by comparing you to another thing. Take our Halloween quiz to learn what pro you’re most like and what costume you should wear. Or don’t take our quiz and endure our terrible Halloween curse in which all your candy turns into healthy snacks and you show up as the only one in a costume to every Halloween party you go to.

Make sure to keep track of which answers you pick so you can tally your score at the end.


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1. If you could be a cool fantasy or sci fi character what would you be:
A crafty and friendly goblin - [Surgical Goblin]
A gunslinging zombie slayer - [Doublelift]
A space captain stranded on an idyllic but dangerous planet - [Dabuz]
A sharpshooter that hits the tough shots - [Elige]
Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Great hair and great accuracy. - [S3xycake]
A dangerous, world-conquering villain in a smooth suit - [Nemo]
A part of a group of legendary warriors so my family and friends could join me - [PUBG bros]
A painter whose work comes to life - [John Takeuchi]
Steve (A humble but good leader like Aragorn) - [Steve]

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2. You just won a tough match against a rival, what do you do:
Oh you know I’m gonna pop off - [Nemo]
Shout out my teammates and org right away - [Surgical Goblin]
Trash talk my next opponent - [Doublelift]
Get those fist bumps from my team and coach - [Elige]
Pop off a bit but reel it in as to be respectful - [Dabuz]
I’m too busy gettin literally tackled by my teammates for the insane clutch I just pulled off - [S3xycake]
Steve (cash in on that side bet I made) - [Steve]

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3. How do you feel about your region
I’d die for my region - [S3xycake]
I’ll be its champion but I really wish my region could challenge me so I could be the champion of the world - [Doublelift]
Though I’m not always there, I’ll go to bat for it when it counts - [Dabuz]
I’m proud to be the best my region’s ever produced - [Elige]
Competition is very international so my region doesn’t matter too much to me. My teammates are more important, regardless of their region. - [Surgical Goblin]
I like to standout as a unique part of my region’s playerbase by being explosive in and out of game - [Nemo]
Steve (I’ll find the ways to put where I am on the map) - [Steve]
My region produces some of the best players in the game, including my family members and friends! - [PUBG Bros]
I’m lucky to come from one of the meccas of my esport and proud to play alongside those that came before me. - [John Takeuchi]

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4. Where did you prefer to spend your time as a child?
In Travis Gafford’s house. - [Doublelift]
In front of a Nintendo console. - [Dabuz]
On the phone, playing a mobile game. - [Surgical Goblin]
At the drawing desk or with my friends, playing different games. - [John Takeuchi]
On a Valve server. - [Elige]
At home, playing games with my family and friends. - [PUBG bros]
In front of a PC. - [S3xycake]
At Steve's. - [Steve]

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5. You’ve just been dropped by your team after a hard loss, what do you do?
I would make a better team and destroy them. - [Doublelift]
It can be tough, but it’s a part of competition. I’ll issue a formal statement and maybe do a professional Q&A or vlog about what’s to come next on my Youtube channel. - [Surgical Goblin]
Losing a sponsor is a real pain, especially one I worked so hard to get. But I’ve seen other competitors bounce back from that so I know I can, too! I’d get back to the grind, get results, and get on another team. - [Dabuz]
I’d see if my family would come with me and we could still stay together on another team. - [PUBG bros]
I’ve been with my team through thick and thin, but roster changes happen, and a player of my caliber doesn’t stay off a team for long. So I’d accept the move, say goodbye to my teammates, and find another spot on another roster. - [Elige]
Fortunately, I also have a great full time job in gaming that can keep me stable. I’ve gone through teams before and I’m sure I can do it again! - [Nemo]
I might reach out for community support, like I’ve gotten before. If I got too stressed about it, I’d draw to relax then try to show my skills in a tournament. - [John Takeuchi]
My esport’s scene is so strong in my country that you’ll see me on another team before long. - [S3xycake]
Steve (Dropped by my team? I’m the one picking teams up.) - [Steve]

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6. What feature of yours really stands out to other people?
My gorgeous hair - [S3xycake]
My powerful smile - [Elige]
My handshakes - [Nemo]
People say I’m cute in general - [John Takeuchi]
My lips - [Dabuz]
My fun poses and cheerful attitude - [Surgical Goblin]
Probably my identical twin! - [PUBG bros]
My glasses and bowlcut combo - [Doublelift]
Steve (my laugh) - [Steve]

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7. How does your community see you
The community really likes me and has even crowdfunded me so I could go to far away tournaments. - [John Takeuchi]
The community likes me a lot, but hates my playstyle - [Dabuz]
Even though I trash talk a lot, I get a lot of love from the community - [Doublelift]
People respect my play and meme the hell out of my photos - [Elige]
I’m a fixture in my community. The people like my wild style and my pop offs even if my opponents don’t. - [Nemo]
As one of the best players in the game, but also as a part of one of the best duos in the game. - [PUBG Bros]
Clutch but also reliable and all around good. - [S3xycake]
Hopefully not just a top competitor but a friendly content creator that looks out for his teammates and fans. - [Surgical Goblin]
As Steve (As somebody who started off small but dreamed big) - [Steve]

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8. What do you do on your time off?
I like to go running and sometimes do a bit of real life boxing. - [Nemo]
I like to draw and make art. - [John Takeuchi]
I like to make weird flavor combinations or stream other games. - [Dabuz]
I like to go the gym or watch cooking videos or other esports. - [EliGe]
I like to watch anime and think about my esport. - [Doublelift]
I like to spend time with family and beat them at regular games. - [PUBG bros]
I keep my fashion game on point and getting a nice dessert or two. - [S3xycake]
I catch up with my family or my girlfriend. - [Surgical Goblin]
Steve (Getting together with friends and staff to watch some games.) - [Steve]


Doublelift - Congratulations, you got Doublelift! That’s right, you’re the best of the best and you know it. You want to see every player come to the competition with everything they’ve got so that when you beat them, the whole world will know you’re number 1. You’ve got a tendency to trash talk, but it’s not because you’re hot headed or rude. You’re savvier than you let on and building up your rep and the rep of your team while keeping the competition interesting. You’re serious, honest, and loyal but you’ve got a very playful side to you too. To embody Doublelift’s spirit you should be Sona! This flirty number works for men, women, or any gender as a cosplay or a crossplay. This is a costume that really says, “I’ll do anything to win” and “get the hell out of my lane, Sneaky!” If you’ve got a special someone, have them join you in a Taric costume! If you’re really like Doublelift, you’re gonna need them to get you of trouble!

Surgical Goblin - Congratulations, you got Surgical Goblin. You’re smart, outgoing, and multi-talented. You’re a real team player who sets up for yourself and your teammates. You value family, friends, and the good people in your life very heavily and make sure to show your appreciation often. People are naturally drawn to your affable nature and open demeanor, which helps you do well at the social parts of your job and life. In general, you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and very steady, down to earth attitude. You should dress up as a literal surgical goblin. What better way to identify with your chosen pro than by dressing up as his mascot? You’ll have one of the most unique and most spooky costumes of anyone and without a lot of prep! All it takes is a nice goblin mask and a surgeon’s coat. If you’re a real Halloween tryhard, you can go for the goggles and the purple juice.

xS3xycake - Congratulations, you got xS3xycake, and your costume is literally a sexy cake - but like with a gun and stuff. Let’s face it, you’re one of the most stylish players in and out of the game. You’ve got plays for days and don’t get afraid when the game comes down to the wire. While you are one of the best in an already stacked region, you’re not all about serious competition. You know how to joke around and have fun, even if it can be at the expense of a friend or teammate every now and then. Dependable, clutch, stylish, and fun, your ideal costume is literally a sexy cake but with a gun and also one of those cool Team Liquid Siege masks. “Where could I possibly find a sexy cake costume?” you ask, but this is 2019 and that means you can be a sexy anything on Halloween. Plus, we know you’ve got the attitude to rock it and give a whole new meaning to being a snack.

Dabuz - Congratulations, you got Dabuz. You’re super analytical and smart! You like to know your enemy so you can plan out the match and dominate every step of the way. When it comes to the game, you’re like the hangman’s noose, strangling out every opening your opponent could hope for and draining the life out of them with unstoppable neutral. But out of the game, you’re one of the friendliest guys in the room. You make a great impression to the people you meet and that’s because you’re considerate and kind in the real world, where it really matters. You’re a pretty big goofball, but that’s just part of your charm! To represent Dabuz, you should dress up as Olimar. This space captain comes from Dabuz’s favorite series and like Dabuz, while Olimar is light-hearted and kind in the lore, in the game he’s a demon that dismantles your game and destroys your lead after one opening.

PUBG Bros - Congratulations, you got Jembty and Sambty! You’re one of those people lucky enough to have family that truly understands you! You even like your family enough to work with them. But it’s not all about family, even if they helped you get to where you are. It’s also by the team that you work well with and your own intense, competitive drive. You want to win, even if that means you’ve gotta beat your friends or family. And with your talent, you win pretty often. Since we know you’ve got a friend or family member you can drag into this, we know your best costume is the dynamic duo from Hot Fuzz. What Samby and Jembty did for the gaming brother duo, Hot Fuzz did for the buddy cop. Inject new life into the gaming world, the movie world, or just the Halloween party down the street.

Nemo - Congratulations, you got Nemo. Listen, you’re one of the old guard, born to practice your craft - but that doesn’t mean you’re a dull traditionalist. You apply a wild and creative style to everything you do and it makes you both popular and feared. Your playstyle is as strong as your personality and you’re not afraid to really pop off and celebrate a big win or trash talk your rival. This Halloween, you should go as Urien, one of Street Fighter’s strongest villains. Urien’s dynamic Aegis Reflector helps Nemo stay creative in Street Fighter, while his headbutt loops keep the opponent on their toes. For you, a Urien costume will keep you looking sharp and powerful, just be sure you don’t get any Halloween candy on this one - that suitcoat doesn’t come cheap and you’re not gonna be trick or treating or going to a Halloween party wearing the alt skin!

John Takeuchi - Congratulations, you got John Takeuchi! Like John, you’re known for your warm and friendly personality as well as your rising skill. You might be new to your scene - so new that you play with a game pad - but you’ve been on the rise since day one. Each year you get better and better and take more games off of the old elite. Not only are you skilled in game, but you’re skilled out of it and have an artistic hobby you excel at. You also excel in social scenarios and value friendships heavily. Your Halloween costume is Myōe from Kyōsōgiga, the gregarious and kind monk whose art comes to life. You could also go as John’s main Rashid, but Myōe’s kind personality and hidden power might just fit your personality even better. And if you don’t know who this is because you haven’t watched Kyōsōgiga, then put down whatever moe/shounen garbage you’re looking at now and watch Kyōsōgiga instead.

Congratulations, Steve. - (Congratulatons, you got Steve! You dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true. But it’s not just about accomplishments! It’s about doing things the right way and being honest, kind, and fair to the people you work with. You’re not always the quickest to succeed, but you’re perseverance shines through, so people know they can depend on you. This Halloween you should go as yourself. Not everyone needs a costume and I mean, someone’s gotta hand out the candy right? )

EliGe - Congratulations, you got EliGe! You’re one of the best in a game loaded full of talent but you still stay humble. You tend to forge deep bonds with the people around you and like to stay loyal to the people you’ve known for a long time. Even though you’re a nice and serious figure in your community, you also get your fair share of memes and humor. You’re not the loudest person in the room but you’re one of the most respected and talented for sure. That’s because you’re thoughtful and you like to think of the best approaches to the game and to communication. Your Halloween costume is… okay… this is a weird one but bear with me: the Smiling Krieg Reaper. So, you want to get your standard grim reaper costume, then add a toy gun to it that roughly resembles the krieg, then print out the classic Elige smile and wear that over a surgical mask.

Writer // Austin Ryan

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