Your 4X LCS Champions are now running SAP

October 11 2019

Your 4X LCS Champions Are Now Running SAP

As the Official Innovation Partner of Team Liquid, SAP has been supporting us for well over a year now. Their in-game data analytics helped our Dota 2 players and team improve by leaps and bounds, so we are thrilled to announce that we will be collaborating with them even further.

With the League of Legends World Championship right around the corner, SAP is extending their esports involvement with us by collaborating with our League of Legends team.

Everyone is excited to witness the best teams in the world clash across Europe in a few days - and Team Liquid stands among the favorites at the event. After dominating the LCS and taking down the reigning champions at MSI, we’re ready for our next challenge with SAP by our sides. With SAP, we will have an edge that no other team will have.

What this means for us and for SAP

We will be strengthening our partnership with SAP, cooperating to overcome the challenges ahead of us in League of Legends. With SAP’s help, we are able to support our players growth and improvement by analyzing performances based on in-game data insights that were previously unavailable to us.

"With SAP’s data we will now be able to show Doublelift exactly why we aren’t picking him Vlad, but instead grabbing Sona during those crucial game 5 deciders. If we need to break down the laning stage, see how much damage was mitigated in a team fight due to items or abilities, or check the win rates when certain champions are paired against others, SAP will be there to help us with the data and analytics we need."
- Michael Artress, Team Manager

“For SAP this brings a brand new challenge as we extend our focus into a second competitive title for the first time. Using our existing experience and various parts of the analytics from Dota 2, we will be supporting Team Liquid’s League of Legends team during their toughest challenge yet ⁠— the League of Legends World Championship – and beyond on their continuous mission to be one of the most successful teams in the world."
- Milan Černý, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Make no mistake though, this is not just about Worlds. SAP is in this together with us for the long haul and we look forward to all the new opportunities this partnership will bring us in both the short and long term.

Their powerful analytical tools will also be used to support our coaching staff as well as our analysts as we prepare for Worlds. In such a highly competitive environment, knowledge can make the difference between victory and defeat. Information is one of the most vital resources in League of Legends, and with this partnership with SAP we are now able to tap into an unprecedented amount of data. These efforts will ensure that we will have the best possible preparation as we head into Worlds - and that we will have the best chance to succeed on the Rift.

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