TFT Worlds Comps

October 10 2019

If you’ve been paying attention to League of Legends lately you’ll know that the TFT craze is hitting absolutely everyone. Our coaching staff is clearly no exception when it comes to playing too much TFT after the team picked a full glacial comp against TSM on the last day of the regular season. Most reasonable people would assume you would ban your players and coaches from playing TFT until after Worlds but what you may not know is that we considered going the opposite direction. That’s right, the glacial comp was so successful that we asked ourselves, “What if TFT comps are actually OP?”

So we got to work and started searching for the best possible TFT comps to fit the Worlds meta. Naturally, we started with the most absolutely busted, totally brainless likely to be nerfed in two weeks, TFT comps that we could think of.

Right out of the gate, we tried our hand at void assassins - or voidsin. Given that we usually play traditional, front-to-back comps, void assassin might have seemed like a bad idea. However, the fact that we could lose the first few rounds to get a spatula from the carousel synergized very well with our tendency to sandbag in the early stages of a game or tournament. It also had an Akali in it, which is pretty good for us. However, the lack of a traditional AD Carry champ or Sona meant we couldn’t get very far with it. It was still a good practice experiment, since we felt pretty sure G2 were looking for any excuse to make a team of mostly assassins and divers.

Next up, we had to try nobles. It’s true, it’s true, the top TFT competitors call this comp overrated, but it had two whole ADs in it so we had to give it a shot. This lineup wasn’t a bad fit for our team, especially since Lucian is Doublelift’s trusted pocket pick and Garen is kind of like an AD Singed. The problem was that Fiora jungle was apparently, what the professionals call, “very bad.” Plus, after the first rotation, everyone just banned nobles and you need a bunch of them for this thing to work. We had a similar problem with rangers.

Later, we turned to shiftshapers and yordles. This comp actually looked pretty reasonable in Summoner’s Rift, with Elise, Gnar, Jayce, Tristana, and Lulu. It came with flex options too, like Kennen in place of gnar. Yordle, sorcerer looked solid for us too. The problem was that the yordle comp was ultimately so annoying that we couldn’t find any scrim partners after a while and didn’t have enough data to feel sure about it. In the end, we gave the comp over to Clutch Gaming since losing scrim partners just fires them up anyways.

After going through so many different ideas, we felt pretty ready to call it in. But then, at the last moment - we saw it! Blademasters and gunslingers! Aatrox, GP, Shen, an AD, and some other thing! That’s basically our meta. We could totally do that. We gave it a few spins and finally found a comp to rival Glacial. But then the bad news came in. We learned that none of this would matter because Riot would completely nerf all of this into the ground.

To make matters even worse, despite being in the same client, League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics apparently are “entirely different games” and “have no relation on the balance of the other whatsoever.” That said, we can’t say what the other teams will do or what we’ll see at worlds. We do have some guesses though...
We expect that SKT T1 will come with no TFT comps because KKoma wouldn’t allow the players to look at TFT, let alone play it. Though we might see something from Griffin. We’re expecting EU to run assassin or sorcerer something, because even their bot laners are mid laners over there. It’s mid laners all the way down, baby.

The LMS’s teams are probably looking at a phantom or ninja based comp to synergize with the fact that no one’s looking at them or remembers what they do. We think that RNG might go noble just to have a reason to put Uzi on Vayne. And we think GAM might go entirely TFT comps throughout Worlds because they were going TFT comps before TFT existed. Of course, these are all just guesses. You’ll have to tune into Worlds to see if Riot gets their Auto Chess in our team’s League of Legends if our team gets our League of Legends in their Auto Chess.

Writer // Austin Ryan

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