Liquid Beauty: Crosshairs Collection

August 23 2019
If you’re familiar with Team Liquid, you know that we aren’t just at the top of MOBAs, traditional fighters, and Nintendo party games. We’re out there collecting trophies in the FPS world too.

You might have watched our CS:GO games and wondered how Rapha stays on top of the competition, how NAF nails every nade, and if Jeemz is actually just an advanced, deep learning aimbot AI manufactured in a secret laboratory located deep underneath the Alienware Training Facility. It’s only natural to wonder how our pro-FPS players are so good, and if it has anything to due with the uncorroborated and entirely false reports of mysterious tunnels leading in and out of our training facility.

Just how DO we keep up with the competition, then? Is it our computers and set-ups? No, it’s not our - wait, actually yes our powerful ALIENWARE laptops and peripherals do help us get an edge. Is it our headsets? No, it’s not - wait, never mind the pristine audio quality of HYPER-X headsets are crucial to every win. And of course we do also have great gaming chairs.

That aside, what makes our players so good - outside of energy drinks, sandwiches, streaming platforms, Japanese car brands, and German multinational software corporations? Don’t watch their crosshairs, don’t look at their loadouts, and definitely don’t monitor what comes in and out of an unmarked warehouse in Santa Monica. Instead, take a long hard look at the hair.

That’s right, the secret to FPS success is - and always has been - great hair. Whether you rock long flowing locks, a powerful pompadour, or a classic fade your hair needs to be on fleek if you want that kill streak. Here at Team Liquid, we’ve spent years perfecting the right product for our players. Do you wanna aim like a pro? Are you ready to smash your server and frag your friends? Our new Liquid Beauty line of hair products is GUARANTEED* to help your headshots, in game and in photographs. Without further ado, lets us introduce you to some new products in the Liquid Beauty line.

Inferno Red Temporary Hair Color by Molly Tauve

For the fiery spirit, for the competitor looking for a reaction, there is only Inferno Red. The legendary Molly Tauve returns with the spark you need to clean up your look and clean out the bomb site.

A-OK 47 Ace Hair Spray

Whether you’re holding A-side, B-side, or a mean coiffe, this spray is the best in the business and will have you emerging from the smoke 5/0.

[image loading]

72 Hour Heavy Hold Styling Gel

The 72 hour hold keeps your hair from getting knocked and your pompadour from dropping in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Style your hair then style on your opponents.

[image loading]

Cache Money Conditioner

This conditioner is guaranteed to repair your roots, restore damaged follicles, and help your aim on all the old maps. Watch out, this product is only on shelves for a little bit longer!

Vivid Chap’s Total Clean Up and Clear Out Shampoo

The latest product from the Vivid Chap lineup, this shampoo builds your hair up from the roots. Clear out clogged pores and map positions with Vivid Chap’s top of the line, top of the standings shampoo.

[image loading]

*Team Liquid Beauty is NOT guaranteed to help you get headshots or to improve your skill at first-person shooters. Early studies have shown little to no link between proper hair care and ability to play video games at a high level. Liquid Beauty is not responsible for any shots you miss, utility you waste, or matches you lose, but we are DEFINITELY responsible for how good you look while doing it. Liquid Beauty is fully responsible for the following:

    all the surprise modelling calls you get while looking so good.
    your first walk down the runway at a major fashion show
    your meteoric rise in the world of beauty
    your new enemies that arise in this cutthroat industry
    your rapid decline due to fashion politics and gossip
    your revelation that beauty - true beauty - is in your self-realization, your journey as a person, and your commitment to help others along their own path.

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