Team Liquid Partners With HUYA

June 21 2019

This is one of the most ambitious crossovers of all time.

Team Liquid is excited to announce that we’re partnering with HUYA to bring our Twitch live streams to China. This is actually the largest collaboration in esports between a Chinese content platform and a Western organization, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our strong Chinese fanbase. This partnership takes our fan-building to the next level by reaching the world’s biggest esports audience.

Select Liquid player Twitch streams will also be available on the HUYA platform using, a back-end system that allows players to restream on different platforms with ease. Our League of Legends, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and PUBG teams, as well as our Hearthstone player Fr0zen, will now have their streams available through HUYA. The technology limits delays to just six seconds and allows 1080p restreams with a simple touch of a button.

"It's taken us a year to find the right live streaming partner in China and we couldn't be more excited to work with HUYA. Fans in China will be able to watch streams and have a direct connection with their favorite pros in a way that was impossible before now. We know that this partnership is the start of something amazing and hope that Chinese fans new and old enjoy everything that's coming from Team Liquid and HUYA." - Mike Milanov, COO

For fans of DoubleLift we also have a very exciting announcement. We see how much support you give to DoubleLift and it means a lot to all of us so we’ll be live translating Big Brother’s stream! We’re hoping this will help bridge the gap between DoubleLift and his fans in China and will make it a more immersive experience for everyone. As we move forward with our partnership with HUYA you can expect other players to also have live translations in the very near future.

Expect to see us on HUYA coming soon. To keep up to date on our latest developments in China, please follow our official Weibo account.

我们来了!中国的粉丝们!这次的惊喜是专门为你们而准备的!我们激动地向大家宣布Team Liquid和虎牙达成了合作关系,把我们的直播带到了中国!这次中国的内容平台和西方的俱乐部之间最大的一次合作,而这一切都离不开大家的支持。这次合作让我们能够接触到你们——全球最大的电竞观众群体,也把我们粉丝全球化的进程带上了一个新的台阶。

同时,观众也能在虎牙直播平台上看到Team Liquid部分队员的直播。通过Restream.io平台的技术支持,选手们可以轻轻松松同时向多个平台进行1080p的直播,并且最高延迟只有6秒。届时粉丝们能在虎牙上看到我们英雄联盟,CS:GO,Apex Legends,绝地求生战队以及炉石传说选手Fr0zen的直播,

"我们花了一年的时间来寻找一个好的中国直播平台合作伙伴,我们非常激动将要和虎牙直播展开合作!中国的粉丝们可以观看直播,和自己喜欢的职业选手直接互动,这在以前是完全不可能的。我们知道这次合作会是一个很棒的开头,希望新老粉丝们会喜欢TeamLiquid和虎牙带来的一切!" - Mike Milanov, COO



Writer // Olivia Richman
Translators // Vikki Wu, Eleanor Lu

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