Get Fit With TL: MSI Edition

April 30 2019
You there! Yeah you! Are you looking to get swole? Are you looking to get FIT out of your MIND for mid-season beach season? Are you looking to get buffer than a CertainlyT rework? Do you wanna be able to literally carry your teammates on and off the rift? Then we’ve got the program for you! Welcome to Team Liquid’s Esports Trainer, the only fitness program made for the gaming community.

Today we’re going to take you through our League of Legends program, specially designed by top fitness trainers Yiliang “Doyouevenlift” Michaels and Victor “Nazbuff” Simmons. We’ve got a special program designed to keep you moving during the Mid Season Invitational and to keep those beta ALPHA endorphins smacking into your brain so you don’t feel any stress or pain from watching your favorite players and teams get bodied.

Let’s get started with our Team Liquid exclusive workouts! These workouts are tailor-made for the Liquid fan looking to get as RIPPED as Impact in a tank meta.

  • Do 10 front squats every time Doublelift and CoreJJ carry Team Liquid.
  • Do 10 hollow hold v sits every time Jensen carries Team Liquid.
  • Do 44 jumping jacks every time Team Liquid wins a game.
  • Take a relaxing stretch break every time Team Liquid loses a game.
  • Do 10 wide rows every time Xmithie outperforms the enemy jungler but no one notices.
  • Do 10 cross body hammer curls every time Doublelift outperforms the enemy botlane and Doublelift makes sure everyone notices.
  • Do 10 step ups every time Xmithie steals or smite secures a Baron.
  • Realize you’re missing something in life, go to a nearby gym or rec center and check the bulletin boards for a club sport you can join, start playing with the club, get out there and meet people, make new friends, go on a winning streak and feel like you could make more out of this, go on a losing streak and wonder if it was worth it, become frustrated and skip a few practices and games, check your phone and see your new friends asking where you are, reflect on how you’ve grown and how you can mean such different things to different people, realize that some new experiences are about the journey and not the destination every time Team Liquid runs a composition they haven’t used before.
  • Do 10 reverse curls every time CoreJJ saves Doublelift from inting.
  • Do a 1 minute dead hang then 5 pull ups every time Impact soaks pressure in lane, goes down in gold early, but does more damage in teamfights anyways.
  • Do 5 overhead presses every time casters and analysts talk about Jensen’s success in international tournaments.
  • Hold a side fetal pose for 1 to 2 minutes while taking 10 deep breaths every time the broadcast references that
  • Doublelift hasn’t gotten out of groups.
  • Do a farmer’s walk for 1 minute for each lane that has a higher CS at 15 minutes than the enemy.
  • Do a 5k run every time casters or analysts call TL’s playstyle slow.
  • Do one aerobic dance routine every time Impact dodges or turns around a gank
  • Deadlift a 30 lb bag of pure rock salt over your head five times every time NA fans say C9 or TSM would have done better.

Here at Liquid Fitness, we know that there are lots of teams and regions worth watching. That’s why we’ve put together the worldwide workout. You don’t have to be a Team Liquid fan to get fit! We’ve got workouts for the EU fans, the Flash Wolves fans, the Faker fans, and the iG bandwagon.

  • Do 10 reverse pull-ups every time TheShy carries a game.
  • Do 10 leg lifts every time Caps carries a game.
  • Hold a relaxing child pose for 1 minute every time the casters call Caps “Baby Faker.”
  • Do 5 bench presses every time a caster, analyst, or hype video calls G2 the strongest team Europe has ever produced.
  • Do 10 back flies each time a hype video features a camera shot zooming in on a player’s face or shoulders, shadows slightly obscuring their form.
  • Do 10 goblet squats every time Clid, Teddy, or Khan carry a game but everyone focuses on Faker instead.
  • Do 5 bicep curls every time a Riot caster remembers that the LMS is still a major region in professional League of Legends.
  • Do 5 sets of 10 forward lunges while holding a 45-pound bench press bar every time Ning plays Xin Zhao.
  • Jog in place for the entirety of Silver Scrapes every time there’s a game 5.
  • Do 5 push-ups each time a team bans Taric.
  • Do 10 push-ups each time a team picks Sona-Taric and wins.
  • Do 20 push-ups each time a team picks Sona-Taric, walks into a weird counter pick, and gets destroyed.
  • Do 30 mountain climbers each time a hype video features a wide pan shot of the city a player is from or is in currently.
  • Do 20 pushups every time IG gets called former World champions to set a narrative.
  • Run up and down the steps of a local art museum until you’re drenched in sweat every time the casters reference the off-year SKT had to establish a comeback narrative.
  • Do 50 head scratches every time a team drafts a composition so baffling that the casters don’t know how it scales or what it does.
  • Go to a nearby dive bar, make your way to the jukebox, insert a coin and select “Scarface (Push It to the Limit),” scope the place out for the toughest looking person there, challenge them to an arm wrestling contest, stare intensely into their eyes as you give it your all, form a fast friendship built out of mutual respect, train with your friend and rival to a backdrop of uptempo 80’s glam rock, enter into a vaguely homoerotic underground arm wrestling circuit where winner takes all, arm wrestle your way to the top where you meet your friend and rival again in a final battle where all past ties must be forgotten so that you can put everything on the line in the current moment, unleash your true strength, win the tournament, prove that you have the heart of a champion every time the broadcast hypes up the rematch between Caps and Rookie.

Liquid Fitness is not responsible for any bodily injury or mortal harm incurred from this exercise program. Liquid Fitness is not responsible for any broken backs made while carrying heavy loads of salt. Liquid Fitness is not responsible for any furniture broken while pretending to be Xin Zhao or friendships and rivalries forged in the heat of competition.

Writer // Austin Ryan

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