What is all Dabuz about?

March 08 2019

Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby is the fourth best Smash 4 player of all time, but he’s trying to be #1 in Ultimate. And he’s trying to do it with Olimar. That’s where we come in. We like when people aren’t afraid to be a little different, to challenge the norm. And we like when they have the skills to back it up. We are proud to welcome Dabuz to Team Liquid as our newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player!

Dabuz Senpai is a beloved figure in the world of Smash for his character choices and his penchant for teaching. His YouTube account is treasure trove of Galaxy Brain Guides and Analyses, and he puts his advice to practice whenever he's competing. He entered Ultimate with two silvers at Sky Ultimate Invitational and Let's Make Moves, and started 2019 with a Top 4 at GENESIS 6. We know it's only a matter of time until Dabuz gets his first gold in this new Smash installment.

We can’t wait to see Dabuz and his army of Pikmin punish the competition, and he will make his Team Liquid debut at Smash Ultimate Summit this weekend. Tune in to see our newest Smasher in action on the BTS stream.

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Writer // Olivia Richman

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