Liquid adds Twitch as Sponsorship Sales Partner

February 21 2019

Can you name some of the most ambitious crossovers in TL history?

EG-TL, obviously

TL x Alienware, of course.

DoubleJ, too.

And now, add Team Liquid x Twitch to that list.

Twitch has been our official broadcast partner over the past 8 years, and we're now expanding our alliance with the world's #1 streaming platform. As the most prominent platform for gaming and esports, Twitch has unprecedented reach and insight into the space. They will now become our exclusive sponsorship sales representative, with the goal of creating new partnerships that will set Team Liquid apart from the competition.

“Team Liquid is a giant in esports, with one of the most winning records in history. As Twitch strives to connect our trusted sponsorship partners with the esports community in more meaningful ways, working with a seasoned brand like Team Liquid offers commercial brands keen to enter the esports space the perfect opportunity to reach a savvy audience with relevant, high-quality content.”

Kristen Salvatore, VP/Commercial Director of Sponsorships at Twitch

“Since Team Liquid’s earliest days, we’ve been focused on building strong and rich communities, in addition to creating great content with winning teams across multiple sports. We believe in strong and long-term brand partnerships that support these goals, and Twitch’s unrivaled network and expertise makes them the perfect partner to help us reach even more brands that share our vision. This is the #1 distributor of esports content working in lock-step with the largest esports team network on their platform.”

Steve Arhancet

This is a partnership that's meant to scale with us into the late game. Expect bigger brands, better activations, and more one-of-a-kind campaigns. We're working on a lot of exciting things, so look forward to more announcements coming from this partnership in the future.

Ambitious is an understatement.

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