Now entering: Call of Duty Blackout

December 12 2018

Call of Duty is one of gaming's most storied franchises and their push into the Battle Royale sector caught our attention. With our current dominance in both PUBG and Fortnite, it only makes sense to make a push towards Blackout.

Casper joins the squad as one of the more seasoned veterans, coming on with stints that span bits of Counterstrike and various past Call of Duty games. Where he shined most however was as a player in the H1Z1 Pro League, where his skills as a Battle Royale player translate into BlackOut.

"It's an honor to be able to play for Team Liquid. Since I've been signed, it feels like a second home. Everyone on staff, Steve, managers, have been outstanding in portraying their mission and goals that they want to accomplish. I'm so happy to be able to continue this dream and career, with Team Liquid #LetsGoLiquid"

Caliburn fits in with the Liquid Squad as a former pro player from the PUBG scene. However, BlackOut got him far more excited to compete at the highest level.

"Every time I hear something about Team Liquid, it's always something positive and I have always wanted to be apart of an org that has all the tools needed to field a top team in the industry."

Flankxr comes in as a young man looking to prove himself in the competitive spotlight. He's poured thousands of hours to hone his skills in games like H1Z1 and looks to continue to make a name for himself in Blackout.

"I've worked my whole life towards my dream of making a career out of esports with thousands of hours in H1Z1 and lots of LAN experience. I'm ready to compete and play under Team Liquid in blackout. They are an amazing org and I'm playing with an amazing team. With our skills and Team Liquid's support, we can be the best team out there!"

Rogue's competitive experience as a player has all came from H1Z1; being on different organizations and teams to being in the H1Z1 Pro League in Vegas. His experience on the big stages and knowledge of the BR genre will help give this squad a tactical edge!

"I am beyond stoked to be apart of Team Liquid's Blackout Roster. Being on the front runner team for this game means leading by example. This is a huge opportunity, and as Liquid does with all it's games, I look forward to dominating in their name."

For most organizations, a lot of factors play into the decision to push into a game. For us, it's more than just signing a team. It has a lot to do with the value we can bring to the community and our fans. And as an organization that prides itself on a history of competitive excellence, we want to provide opportunities for everyone to compete and develop their skills in Blackout.

We're building a scene, and we need your help.

We'll be hosting a series of weekly open tournaments. Whether you're an experienced professional or an ambitious amateur, we implore you to participate and hone your skills in our events!

Sign-ups for our weekly will be posted every Monday and be available on our Blackout Discord.

Team Liquid proudly presents what will become the Liquid Master Prestige Invitational. We're excited to hear custom lobbies are not too far off and the moment they go LIVE, Liquid wants to be among the first to host and see what a full-squad broadcast event in Blackout would look like.

More details to come!

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