Liquid`Heroes at the HGC Finals

October 25 2018

The Heroes of the Storm team has made great strides throughout the 2018 Heroes of The Storm Global Championship (HGC). It was a long season with some ups and downs, but ultimately the team had enough firepower to kick it into high gear and earn a spot in the HGC Finals taking place at BlizzCon in Anaheim.

Throughout Phase 1 of the season, the roster dominated the competition. Despite struggling during Western Clash, they managed to bring themselves back to the top and land in 4th overall in regionals.

During weeks 1 - 5, the team had a rocky start, losing to Fnatic (0 - 3), Team Dignitas (1 - 3), and Method (0 - 3). We soon bounced back and managed to beat out Zealots (3 - 2) and Tricked (3 - 1) and finished strong with a 3 - 0 against Leftovers despite a defeat against Diamond Skin (2 - 3). This brought the team to a 3 - 4 standing and we ultimately placed fifth overall.

Weeks 6 - 10 was a strong comeback for the team. A sense of deja vu came about with a repeat defeat against Fnatic (0 - 3) and Team Dignitas (2 - 3). However, the rest of the season was nothing but success, gaining a five-win streak and absolutely crushing it with a solid 5 - 2 record by week 10. As a result, we were able to boost ourselves back up and place 4th in the overall standings before playoffs, where we ultimately lost to Zealots (0 - 3) and placed back into 5th.

Phase 2 was one of the most prominent seasons for the team. With just one loss to Team Dignitas (0 - 3), we managed to pull an astonishing 6 - 1 during weeks 1 - 5.

The momentum kept going during weeks 6 - 10 as the pattern of losses in the beginning and wins in the end was very apparent. Despite the losses against Team Dignitas (0 - 3), Fnatic (0 - 3), and Leftovers (1 - 3), the team managed to snowball back into success, dominating in the remaining matchups with a 3 - 0s across the board. The last game of the season was particularly very important, as it determined whether or not the team would qualify for BlizzCon. Though nerves were right leading up to the match, we managed to clutch it out over Monkey Menagerie (3 - 0) in order to place second overall for EU. This earned ourselves, for the first time ever, a spot at BlizzCon.

Our first match in the HGC Finals starts on Thursday, October 25th at 10:15am PDT as we play against Miracle, winners of HGC South Korea's playoffs. This will be one of the greatest tests for our squad, with the #1 seeds from both HGC Korea (Gen.G) and GHL (Beyond the Game) in our group. Rounding out group A are Tempo Storm and Luna Meow.

Our fate will be determined over the next 4 days, with only the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs at the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon. We will have to start strong and finish even stronger to ensure our passage to the main event, and it all starts tomorrow. Don’t miss out!


Writer // Vivian Nguyen

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