We Are Your NA LCS Summer 2018 Champions!

September 10 2018

The squad kept their promise to Steve and, after sitting in first place for the majority of the split, we prevailed over Cloud 9 in a 3-0 finals victory. Though we had already qualified for Worlds with our semi-finals win last week, there was still a prize to be won, and we were once again undefeated in our second consecutive Championship series. Thus, we cemented ourselves as the absolute top team in North America.

This season has been full of firsts for both our organization and our fan base. To those of you who stuck with us all season, and especially to those of you who have been with us since our Curse days, Thank You. You have tirelessly cheered for us and given the players support when they needed it the most. With Worlds on the horizon, we need your strength more than ever, and we won’t let you down.

A Summery Summary

This split was an interesting one. Substitutions, roster swaps, trades, and one hell of a crazy meta dominated the 2018 Summer Split.

Coming off of our 2018 Spring Split win, we rolled right into a complicated MSI performance. This opened us up to new problems and opportunity for even better solutions. Out of game our players and staff set their sights on managing the team’s mental. In game, the meta was a mess and difficult for even the most seasoned pros to navigate. But we managed to find our niche. By fixing issues both in and out of the game, we managed to get a firm grasp on 1st place around the halfway point in the season and proceeded to keep a hold of it all the way into the offseason.

Our competition this offseason was tough. But we were tougher. In defeating 100T in semi-finals we became the first NA representative to qualify for Worlds 2018. Though we didn’t manage to beat them in another 3-0 blowout, we did clinch the series 3-1.

As if by fate, our Finals series against Cloud 9 was another 3-0 blowout. This was an historical achievement, as Team Liquid became the first NA team to sweep the finals for an entire year. Still, it was far from easy, and Game 1 was the toughest by far. By utilizing amazing vision control, measured game play, and an impressive play in the top lane, we survived a minor misstep in the early game to take Game 1 in 35:45.

Game 2 was a stronger showing. Despite their subbing in of the “Swole Bros,” our very own Pobelter/Xmithie combo was just too much for Goldenglue, and all of C9, to handle. We closed out Game 2 in a mere 32:27.

Cloud 9 has had a history of reverse sweeps, and there was still danger with our opponents up against the wall. Instead, our momentum and mental advantage proved to be an indomitable force, and we wiped C9 off the map to complete the sweep.

With two trophies now proudly sitting in our cabinet back home, we will very shortly be heading off to Korea to represent the NA LCS at Worlds 2018. As the 1st seed for our region we will be auto seeded into the group stage. Worlds coverage begins with the play-in stage on October 1st with the group stage running from October 10-17th. Make sure to support both Team Liquid and our fellow NA LCS squads in our journey to make NA proud on League's grandest stage!

Writer // Sarah Enders

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