Team Liquid's Got Bromances

August 31 2018

Team Liquid players aren't only fighting for W's and trophies in tournaments around the world: They're also fighting for your vote right on the TLGB stage tonight. It's up to you to decide which duo has the most epic bromance in all of Team Liquid out of these five fiery friendships. So cast your vote below and may the best bromance blossom.

Dahang and Rapha

When two of the best Quake players in the world team up for 2v2 tourneys how is it not a recipe for the most beautiful bromance in all of esports?

After all but destroying Sleep to Awake, the awestruck commentator said to the DreamHack champions, “Win or lose, your com was non-stop. The coms were there. Information was there. You never let up.”

When you hear Rapha and DaHanG’s in-game com, maybe you won’t know what they’re talking about. I sure don’t. But it’s because they have their own language nobody but them can fully understand. Here are some newly uncovered and never-before-seen documents that may provide some insight into Rapha and DaHanG’s personal connection in-game:

I mean, this shit’s more romantic than The Notebook. For one, they actually answer each other’s letters.

“2v2 feels really good,” Rapha said before QuakeCon. “I want to see more 2v2 tournaments, and see how the story progresses with certain teams. I want to stay together and improve.”

Type RAPHANG below to cast your vote and keep this bromance together forever.

Hbox and Crunch

In this harrowing tale, Hungrybox grows exhausted on his strenuous journey to EVO, becoming increasingly weaker under the Melee community’s power. It seems like he may not make it, weighed down by a toxicity that wraps tightly around him like a serpent.

Once a carefree but competitive player, Hungrybox must now rely on his lifelong friend Crunch more than ever to rise above not only the Gods, but to once again believe in himself. Can Crunch help Hungrybox reach Mount Doom EVO to destroy all this Jiggly hate once and for all before it completely consumes him?

      Hungrybox had made it.

      EVO was within his field of vision. But instead of giving him a sense of purpose to complete the final stretch of this epic journey, it filled him with even more doubt. And he feared that he had made a mistake. That he should have never left Florida.

      His memories kept him frozen in place, his sneakers held down to the earth with the immense weight of his recent failures at Black Gate CEO. He’d fallen to Mango. Then Armada. Even Leffen.

      Crunch seemed to notice Hungrybox’s hesitation at the final stretch that laid ahead of them. He watched Hungrybox stare solemnly ahead, purposefully resting a hand on his tense shoulder.

      “Dude, I think I might retire.”

      The blunt statement caught Crunch off-guard and he lifted his hand. He turned to his life-long friend with a stunned expression he couldn’t suppress.

      Hungrybox continued: “I don’t think Puff can do it. Fox is too good.”

      Crunch knew that Hungrybox had it in him. He’d seen his extreme growth throughout the years, his hunger for the top never always growing with his talents. He knew he could do it. He just knew it.

      The gears in his mind built up momentum as he watched Hungrybox’s shoulders slump, EVO looming just before them. Crunch always had a more tactical way of thinking, something that he felt had personally held him back in Smash, which was something he couldn’t help analyzing, further proving his own fears. But it had also helped him to see Hungrybox’s gimmicks. His strengths. Weaknesses. He couldn’t help but notice everything.

      “I don’t think so,” he said.

      Hungrybox turned his head to look at him.

      “I’m pretty sure you can do it. I’m pretty sure Puff can do it.”

      And before Hungrybox could say anything, Crunch added: “We just have to clean it up.”


      Hungrybox faltered. He was going to say something heartfelt, a speech to Crunch that would announce his retirement, list his failures. The defeats. The toxic community that had all but destroyed him. He was going to. But…

      Hungrybox nodded with a sense of determination in Crunch’s direction.

      He would fight again. This time with Crunch at his side.

      All it takes to rise above the doubt - to rise above the haters - is one homie. One bromance to rule them all.

So, well, major spoilers, but Hungrybox ended up getting in second at EVO that year. And then, in 2016 he finally took first place and was named the best Melee player in the world. All with Crunch by his side, not only coaching him, but proving that a strong enough bromance can drown out the haters and the self-doubt.

If you want to read the next chapter of this pure bromance write CRUNCHBOX below.

Chillindude and Chudat

If you haven't bumped Chillindude's “Liquid Fire” in your car where have you even been? You're missing some straight fire. This shit bops. But more importantly, it highlights the beginning of a very intense bromance. Two Melee heroes drawn together by a raw hunger to dominate the Smash Bros scene and bring TL to the top. A power couple like Beyonce and Jay-Z, but without the cheating.

Gettin' loud
Do us proud
Dry them off
They need a towel
Liquid roster gettin' loud
We know how to please the crowd
He used to bop Isai
Now he's a Mango slaya
Y'all know what it is
Get ready for some YEAH-YEAAAAHS

This is basically “Bonnie & Clyde” level devotion, boasting about the things that not only make them equals, but stronger when together. And I’m here for it.

When asked in the past about how Chu goes about finding the right doubles partner, he blew off that cheesy trash and started off with: “Find yourself a skillful player.” A skillful player like Chillindude, perhaps.

This bromance is not for the feint of heart. It's solely for those that are energized by talent and potential, who are fueled by a need to win. There's is a bromance formed out of pure ambition, with a foundation of admiration, as seen in the Chillin's last verse: ChuDat been around / He can beat your ass with no wobble / Soon as you get grabbed / He about to hit a pose on ya.

If you've had enough of that mushy shit and want to see Chillindude and ChuDat continue to climb their way to the top, comment DATDUDE below.

Olleh and Doublelift

Their rocky relationship and dual personalities have made Olleh and Doublelift a bromance of Korean drama proportions that keeps fans invested and enamored week after week. Hearts all over the Twitterverse went out to Olleh after one particular episode: where he admitted something quite personal in an interview after an NA LCS victory.


OLLEH and mic-wielding interviewer OVILEE MAY stand in the foreground of the LCS Studio. The word “Victory” is showing blatantly on the screen behind them, right over Team Liquid’s bold and powerful logo.


      I want to ask you a little bit about you and your bot lane partner, Double Lift.

OLLEH suddenly looks uncomfortable, like he may start blushing.

OVILEE (cont’d)

      In the Team Liquid’s squad video, it looks like there was a little bit of tension during practice… Has that been fixed and resolved? How do you deal with Doublelift?

The camera zooms in dramatically as the mic is brought to OLLEH’s face. He laughs nervously, his glasses fogging up. The crowd efficaciously lets in a collective gasp. Some have their hands held up to cover their slack-jawed mouths, their eyes wide.

(With some hesitation)


OLLEH glances around, his mind seemingly racing. He wasn’t expecting this. The crowd roars with laughter.

OLLEH (con’t)
(Flustered but smiling at the memories)

      When we talk together, sometimes Doublelift will say something mean. And I get hurt. (Stuttering) And he will say that he’s just joking. I ask him politely, can you talk to me in a nice way?

The audiences’ hearts melt. Tears are rolling down some of their faces. When the camera pans back to Ovilee, she sharply turns to face the camera, one eyebrow raised. The camera dramatically zooms in one more step.

(With a wink)

      Sounds like a great friendship in the bot lane.


And that’s exactly how the interview went.

When the scene was switched over to Doublelift’s subsequent interview, he said, “Who doesn’t like to fuck with Olleh? He’s so wholesome and innocent.”

When the bot duo was first announced earlier this year, DL didn't shy away from expressing this. “It's fun to teach him bad English words,” he initially said of his new support.

In contrast, Olleh captured North America's heart with his take on playing with Doublelift: “I'm trying to learn slang to be more close to him.”

Will Doublelift finally corrupt our sweet Olleh? Will Olleh learn enough English swear words to keep Doublelift interested? Find out next week!

Doublelift has had many good things to say about Olleh, but it's been clear to the LoL community that DL is much more focused on being the best bot duo, not strengthening their friendship outside the game. And while this rocky relationship with clashing personalities has tugged at TL fans' heartstrings, sentimental and soft-spoken Olleh has not given up hope on this budding bromance.

“Even though I know [his criticism is] right, I still feel hurt,” he said. “But when I got to know his style, maybe this is his way to show his love. Maybe.”

If you want to see Doublelift finally confess his bromantic love for Olleh next season, type OLLIFT below.

GH and Miracle

After GH and Miracle won their first major a few months ago, Miracle was asked how he, one of the best individual players in the game, dealt with handling the pressure up on stage when so much is expected of him.

“To be honest,” Miracle quickly responded, “I get carried more than I carry these days. This guy,” he said, nodding to GH, “carries me nine out of ten games.”

Because of their humble and quiet nature, this TL bromance is often overlooked and seriously underrated. It's a rarely sighted bromance that doesn't ask to be acknowledged. But it's their low-key relationship (When asked how they would celebrate that first win, they simply said, “Sit down and eat something.”) that is not only enchanting once witnessed, but relatable in its awkwardness and simplicity.

In JoinDOTA's Matchmaking series, Miracle and GH were able to prove how much they knew one another out of the game.

What would be GH's theme song?

Miracle [In private]: He's been listening to Eminem 'Superman' a lot recently for some reason, so I guess that one.

GH [To Miracle]: Will I get this one?

Miracle: You've been going ham on this one the last couple of days.

GH: Eminem, 'Superman.'

What is GH's favorite thing in the whole world?

Miracle [In private]: Cheesecake.

GH [Once reunited]: Cheesecake.

[They fist bump]

While the game show was a great show of how in-sync they've become from practicing, eating and competing together, it was their unsure stuttering and bashful laughing that truly showed off their understated bromance.

If you think GHIRACLE is underrated, shine some light on this bromance by typing their awkward nickname below.

Writer // Olivia Richman

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