Job Opening: League of Legends Positional Coaches

June 05 2017

Team Liquid is looking for 3 remote positional coaches for the Top, Jungle and Midlane positions of our League of Legends team.

A successful candidate is:

  • Punctual. Scrims start at 10am PST until 5-6pm PST depending on length of games. You will be expected to be ready and prepared for every scrim block and continue to provide high-quality feedback throughout the day.
  • Well organised. A portion of your deliverables will be managing the flow of information and ensuring that all information is categorized and documented in a concise and logical manner, to be submitted to the Head Analyst upon request.
  • A self-starter. You must be a self-motivated & self starting individual, as you will not be prompted by other staff members, aside from your designated player.
  • A critical thinker. You are the extra 5% that pushes our players’ limits by providing critical analysis of their gameplay, communications and thought-processes. You must also be able to interpret and analyze scrims, solo-queue games and official matches.
  • Able to work under pressure. The LCS is a highly competitive league which can create a tense practice environment. Being able to perform under pressure is essential.
  • Up-to-date on the contemporary meta-game. The game is always evolving and a positional coach must keep track of meta and be familiar with contemporary strategies.
  • Success and detail oriented. An effective coach is detail oriented and makes sure no important detail is overlooked. Clear communication is a primary key to your success.
  • Respectful and brand-aware. As a representative of Team Liquid, you must conduct yourself accordingly on social media, in public and at any esports-related events that you may attend.

Required skills, experience and equipment:

  • Have strong written and spoken English language skills.
  • Have a good understanding of:
    • Video editing (with available and appropriate software)
    • Google docs and sheets
    • Image editing (with available and appropriate software)
    • League of Legends competitive strategy
    • Esports in general
  • Previous experience with an esports team either at the LCS or Challenger Series level is required. Special exceptions can be made for those with exceptional qualities in other areas or if you have other relevant esports experience but this will be judged on a case by case basis. Applications may be immediately rejected if the candidate is lacking in this area.
  • High Solo Queue rating is a bonus but not a requirement.


  • The positional coach will periodically receive team-focused objectives and guidance from senior staff. You and your player must coordinate to determine weekly goals and objectives parallel to the team’s overarching agenda. Each player is unique and will require different practice methodologies, and a successful coach must learn about the player and adjust accordingly.
  • You will be the principal observer of a certain player’s position in practice and scrim routines. A positional coach is responsible for recording information pertinent to to the player’s improvement. This includes progress on goals and objectives, common mistakes and playing habits, and other issues that must be highlighted with the player.
  • At the conclusion of team reviews, the positional coach will consult with the player and provide feedback and updates on the player’s progress, before discussing the next game.
  • Reports must be prepared on the player’s development and will be delivered to the Head Analyst for review. This report should include outstanding goals and objectives, progress on goals and objectives, and other requested information.
  • Independent research may be required for your player. This can include finding and preparing videos for the player to review, analysing the efficiency of itemizations in specific scenarios, or watching the player’s soloQ matches to provide feedback on how he performs


A Positional Coach must adhere to their player’s time and schedule in order to be present at all scrims while completing all their designated weekly tasks. Due to other obligations and our LCS schedule, the applicant must be flexible with his time in order to accommodate the player’s changing itinerary. The coach is expected to manage his own time in order to efficiently accomplish the player’s weekly objectives.

Scrims are held four to five days a week, in two blocks of three hour sessions. The coach will be informed ahead of time regarding the team’s weekly scrim schedule.

Application Process

To apply, please send us an email with your cover letter and resume to with the subject line "Attn: League of Legends Positional Coach Application".

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