Team Liquid and Alienware Extend Esports Team Partnership for Sixth Consecutive Year

May 09 2017

Alienware To Exclusively Provide Team Liquid With Industry Leading PC Hardware To Power Its Global Roster

Los Angeles - May 4, 2017 - Team Liquid, the premier esports franchise, and Alienware, Dell’s premium gaming brand, today announced their partnership for 2017-2018, extending the relationship of the two brands into its sixth consecutive year. Alienware, the leader in high-performance gaming systems and premium gaming experiences, will provide Team Liquid with top-tier gaming laptops, desktop computers and additional Dell technology to optimize the esports franchise’s expansive hardware needs around the world.

Team Liquid is one of only two esports teams the premium hardware brand has chosen to partner with this year in North America. Alienware will work with 1UP Studios, Team Liquid’s content arm, to produce authentic and relevant video content that will further highlight their partnership. In a scene where there is a constant appetite for video-on-demand, their work will showcase the preparation and training regiment between Team Liquid’s professional esports athletes and how they utilize Alienware’s lineup of hardware.

“Team Liquid and Alienware both have long histories in esports and when you think of high-performance gaming PCs, Alienware stands out in the market,” said Steven Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid. “Alienware understands that our players need cutting edge innovation and technical power to perform at the highest level. Our athletes have relied on the performance of Alienware machines for the last 6 years and I couldn’t imagine a scenario where we wouldn’t be providing them the very best to compete.”

Earlier this year, Dell also unveiled its partnership with Turner Sports and WME|IMG’s ELEAGUE. Dell has outfitted ELEAGUE’s tournament studio with the latest Alienware Aurora desktops paired with with Dell’s 144Hz S2417DG gaming monitors to support all 2017 competitions including the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational, which includes Team Liquid’s Capcom Cup 2016 World Champion, Du ‘NuckleDu’ Dang.

“Alienware is the premium computer sponsor in esports right now and their commitment to Team Liquid is the most support I’ve ever seen given to a team,” said Mike Milanov, Director of Operations, Team Liquid. “Our players have top of the line gaming PCs for scrims, streaming and even for their downtime gaming, plus the broader support staff at our HQs globally are using their latest hardware as well. Alienware’s overall commitment to our brand is unrivaled.”

“Deciding to continue our partnership with Team Liquid was an absolute no-brainer. Providing the hardware that enables Team Liquid to compete at the highest levels of competition for this many years has been an honor,” said Bryan de Zayas, Director, Dell Gaming. “As we continue to expand our investments within esports, we will continue to partner with Team Liquid in order to showcase how our products provide the best solution for professional players.”

Keep up with the latest developments and esports updates from both organizations by following their social media channels at @TeamLiquid and @Alienware. Fans of the both organizations can expect more updates in the coming weeks featuring new products, exclusive interviews, video content, giveaways and more. To learn more about Alienware’s competition-proven hardware used by Team Liquid, visit
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