Team Liquid Community Glove Design Contest

November 26 2016
It's happening! The current CS:GO patch introduced in-game gloves, and we're looking to add a bit of Liquid into the mix. Finding a glove that looks great in-game isn't easy, so we're asking you for help! Introducing the Team Liquid and Jinx Community Glove Design Contest.

Needs more Liquid horses

We'd like a hand from our community creatives to aid us on our quest to find the perfect Team Liquid in-game glove. No rules, no boundaries (just keep it PG folks), the only thing the glove needs is the Liquid horse for distinction and the rest is up to how your creative juices flow.

But what if they never actually add in team gloves you may ask? Winner still gets a sweet prize from J!NX, you still get a contest, and we get to look at cool gloves. Everybody wins!

To Participate:

  • Create a glove design using the creative medium the best suits you! (3D model, digital drawing, hand drawing, the works!).

Entries MUST:

  • Submit an image of your creation to Twitter using #TLGloves, or send us message on Facebook with a picture of your creation

  • Be Team Liquid themed (entries without our logo will not qualify)

  • Be appropriate for all ages

  • Deadline is Friday, December 16 2016

You can find the appropriate TL Logo to use HERE.

Winners will be announced shortly after the deadline. We encourage ALL to participate, as we'll be showing off your horse themed palm covers as they come! The very best will win J!NX Giftcards so you can deck yourself out in logos for being the very best at decking us out!

Good Luck!

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