TL Halo: HCS Pro League Fall Season Roster Update

August 19 2016

After narrowly escaping relegation in the Summer Season of the North American HCS Pro League, we've decided to make a few changes leading into the Fall Season. Our new roster for Fall is as followed:

  • Tyler "Spartan" Ganza

  • Tim "Rayne" Tinkler

  • Hamza "Commonly" Abbaali

  • Zane "Penguin" Hearon

  • Kory "Symbolic" Arruda, Head Coach

  • Tyler "TiberiusAudley" Hicks, Analyst

While this is a significant switch, having players already accustomed with each other ensures a smooth transition.

Commonly and Penguin most recently competed together in the Summer Season under Renegades and Cloud 9. They placed in the Top 4 and bring a wealth of experience and recent accomplishments to the squad. On an individual level, Commonly won X Games Aspen 2016 with Evil Geniuses in January, while Penguin was a part of Team eLevate during their Top 4 run in the Halo World Championship 2016. Commonly also has a history with Liquid's mainstay, Spartan as part of the original Leftovers lineup.

The talent doesn't stop there. Another semi-finalist from last season, Rayne shared time with Penguin during their stints on Noble eSports and Team eLevate. They are a proven combination, having won $250,000 together back in March during HWC 2016.

As our new Team Captain, Rayne will have the responsibility of whipping our boys into shape for the upcoming season. He'll be aided by Symbolic, who joins us as our new Head Coach.

I'm extremely excited to be a part of Team Liquid. I've been talking to them for a long time now and I'm happy that the time for us to work together has finally come. I've always admired the passion they have for the game and with all the resources they'll be providing, I know we'll reach greater heights. The team wants nothing more than to win, and I know we will achieve our goals as a part of Liquid. I'm looking forward to this upcoming season

-Kory "Symbolic" Arruda

I'm excited to join Team Liquid along with these guys. It feels like I've barely skipped a beat with Penguin, and our communication is even better than we've had before in H5. The mixture of 'Raynguin' and 'Spartommonly' will make us one of the fastest teams in the league, so you'd better watch out! With Coach Kory behind us, we shan't fault even a single time.

- Tim "Rayne" Tinkler

For those who loved our Halo team, we want to clarify what happened:

Pro League spots are carried by two members of the previous season's roster and team managers cannot control two HCS teams. As the new season begins, we must make roster decisions that benefit us as a whole. In this case, we have decided to acquire Penguin and Commonly, who belonged to Renegades/Cloud9, and then release the original Team Liquid spot which is now carried by Kevin "Eco" Smith.

We would like to thank Kevin, Braedon, and Dan for being under the Team Liquid name this past season and although it had many ups and downs, we appreciate everything they have done for us. A special thanks to Kevin as he has been with Team Liquid for almost a year and has been nothing but a professional for our organization.








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