June 2016 Heroes Update

June 21 2016

I would like to announce that Lowell and bkb have left the team, while Atheroangel and SportBilly have joined to take their places.

Lowell joined us as a part of our roster shuffle before WCA China, but I first met him at DreamHack Winter in Sweden when I functioned as the de-facto manager for the team. I was struck by his friendliness and dedication to his teammates, and how driven he was to win. He helped make me feel like a part of the team, and it was during this event that we realized that I was a good fit for team manager. He is an incredibly kind and thoughtful human being who I know will go on to do amazing things because of his competitiveness, his dedication, and his drive to work hard and be the best.

bkb was only with us for a short period of time, but what stands out to me the most about Arturs is that he is always thinking about and analyzing the game. He was a huge help with our drafts, and everyone on the team learned a lot about the art of drafting and pregame strategy from him. I am really glad to have gotten to know him, and I wish him luck in his future endeavors.

The two new players that complete our squad, Atheroangel and SportBilly, should be strangers to no one.

Athero is a player who I’ve followed for a while now, and I’m very excited to have him on our roster. I think he is one of the most consistent tank players in the scene, and his sense of humour and positive attitude is a welcome addition to the family! He has a great knowledge of the game and a versatile hero pool (lol Azmodan) that I know will have a big impact.

I've had the chance to get to know SportBilly fairly well, having played a lot of Heroes with him myself. He is a natural teacher, and his calmness and quiet leadership count among his best attributes. At DreamHack Tours (when he and Athero were on Teh89), fresh off of a win against Dignitas, he was happy to sit with me and talk about the games while I nervously watched my team compete. When the team looked defeated and needed some moral support, Billy came up onstage with me to help re-focus the team and calm them down. Though we didn’t end up winning, his efforts did not go unnoticed—he had a positive impact on our team’s mentality for the remainder of the event and beyond. He is the perfect addition to our roster and I know he will be a great influence on everyone.

Athero will be playing tank, while SpotBilly will be playing flex. To accommodate these roles, Shad will move to melee assassin. It’s a bit of a crude characterization, though: our roster has so much flexibility and talent. I'm really excited for what the future holds for Liquid, and you are sure to see some exciting things from us in the tournaments to come!

- Brittany "JunoTheCat' Lattanzio

I'm excited to be a part of this Liquid roster because I feel like the players inside the team respect me and support me, which helps me to make the best decisions and calls inside the game. Based on this fact I think we can rival top 2 in EU and improve at a very fast rate.

- Lawrence "Atheroangel" Harper

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I am happy to join the Team Liquid family. I think this roster has the potential to be the top team in Europe and be a top contender for the World Championships. I'm glad that Team Liquid picked us up and we will try our best to bring them back to the top.

- Ivan "SportBilly" Koturic

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