TL Position Opening: Liquid Chef

March 18 2016


Team Liquid is seeking an individual to cook / prepare meals and keep a clean and professional work place for our League of Legends team. Must be based in the West LA / Santa Monica, CA area.

Job Title

      Team Chef / House Organizer

Reports To

      Team Manager – Steve Perino

Job Description

Type: Contractor
Contract: Indefinite - Can be renewed based on performance
  • Go shopping for groceries and house needs on an as needed basis, within budgetary limits
  • Prepare 2 meals a day 5 days/week (Monday through Friday)
  • Clean and properly store all kitchen equipment after each use
  • Maintain a clean work area across all of our units
  • Take photos for Team Social Media accounts
  • Help running Team Errands

Job Requirements

The applicant must possess
  • Organizational skills required to perform tasks to an appropriate deadline
  • Understanding of food industry hygiene procedures
  • Knowledge of preparing and packaging various meals for safe consumption
  • Knowledge of Korean, Asian and American cuisine

Application Process

Please send your cover letter and resume or a cover letter with a link to your LinkedIn to
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