J!NX and Liquid Join Forces

December 01 2015

In 2008, Team Liquid took its first step in store ownership. At the time, it was just a small store and we only had two things in stock: the Team Liquid "Winged" shirts and a single poster.

Yet that very store would grow into something more: it was the home of the first generation of the Team Liquid jerseys to ever be sold to our fans. Over the years more apparel was added on, such as the "Spirit", "Swarm", and "Steel Horse Head" shirts. As our esports presence grew, we broadened to DOTA shirts and more.

The store has had a bunch of things—things that came and went. The Team Liquid hoodie was a big hit and people clamored for more, but we knew that we could do even better. We had mousepads produced by Razer and Team Liquid branded HyperX Fury USBs. We even sold our most premium product ever: the Team Liquid Team Jacket.

Even after seven years, our fans still want more. Not only are we partnering with J!NX for our brand new store, but we're also welcoming J!NX as a new team sponsor. They are the best makers of gaming apparel in the market, and we hope to produce more gear and accessories in the following year!

Because we've moved our entire warehouse to J!NX, all of our shipments will originate from the United States from now on. While that means slightly increased shipping charges for EU customers and the possibility of taxes, J!NX's impressive track record and quality of service ensure a better overall shopping experience.

For now, the Team Liquid store is back to help you greet the holidays with stunning swag. J!NX is having a 25% off promo on tees and outerwear all this month, and shoppers can avail of free shipping worldwide on orders over $75 for US and $100 for international buyers. Make sure to check regularly for new developments, because we'll have something new to unveil very soon.

Statement from Team Liquid

We had first discussed the possibility of a partnership with J!NX all the way back in 2011. Despite a lot of interest from them at the time, it was just a little too early for them to venture into team sponsorships. Fortunately, we kept in contact over the years and our need for growing store capabilities opened up a great opportunity to work together. I've always held J!NX in the highest regard for their apparel in the gaming space and it was only natural that we collaborate on something bigger. The people working at the company represent the culture we have all come to love and appreciate, and I'm sure we'll make great things happen.

We are thrilled to announce J!NX as our new sponsor as well as our store partner. As you may have noticed, our store was taken down a while ago, due to moving our inventory over to the J!NX warehouses. We're going to reopen the store again today just in time for the holidays, and fans who have been waiting to make a purchase will finally be able to do so once again. In the meantime, we have started working on a couple of key projects together with J!NX, most notably a sports jersey to replace our current team shirt, and a new hoodie.

The quality of products and flexibility with production were key factors in our decision to make this move. Up until a month ago, we had run our own store and oftentimes had to find different partners for all of our base products. Working with a partner who has the in-house capability to help us with all of that will allow us to come up with more awesome products regularly. Their superior inventory management, top rated support, and prompt shipping are icing on the cake. We have some really cool ideas for new products, and I can't wait to share more with everyone as we move along.

-Victor "Nazgul" Goosens
Founder and Co-Owner

Statement from J!NX

We are excited to announce that JINX.com will now be the home of Team Liquid! With a record for housing top tier teams, creating quality content and fostering one of the best online communities, Team Liquid is a powerful force to be reckoned with. With this partnership, we are thrilled to bring together our teams of passionate gamers to provide and produce merchandise for the eSports community and beyond.

At J!NX, we pride ourselves on high quality materials, top notch design and official partnerships with the best brands, teams and organizations. Today we take the first public step in this partnership with the reopening of the official Team Liquid store, just in time for the Holiday season. In the next year, we plan to unveil new and unique Team Liquid merchandise created in-house by the J!NX team.

We are so proud to be working with such an outstanding organization and cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the future!

-Julian Collins
J!NX Esports

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