TL Position Opening: Position Coach, League of Legends

October 06 2015


For the 2016 NA LCS, Team Liquid is looking to add positional coaches to the League of Legends staff. As a position coach for Team Liquid, you will interface with the League of Legends players, teams, and staff to optimize a roles performance. The job is remote and will look to start in November 2015.

Since it is remote, this posting is open to all regions. We are looking for candidates with a very high level of in-game skill and enjoy working in both 1 on 1 and team settings.

Job Title

      Position Coach, eSports



Job Description

Type: Part-time Contractor
Compensation: Varied based on experience
Location: Remote, but if located in Santa Monica welcome to come to offices to work

  • Work closely with individual players by talking 1 on 1, discussing strategy, reviewing scrims and solo queue tape, playing 1 vs 1’s, or any additional activities that may be requested from the staff and players.
  • Report session results and takeaways to staff and coaching.
  • Work with staff to build and use analytics tools
  • Evaluate opposing teams: their individual players picks and tendencies.
  • Monitor the overall health and condition of the individual player.
  • Deliver performance results.
  • Read & answer emails promptly. Carry out plans from supervisors and communicate needs for resources.

Job Requirements

The applicant must possess
  • Must be at least Masters tier.
  • Capable of working in partnership with both coaches and players.
  • A baseline understanding the latest in statistical research and analytic trends across eSports.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • If applying for the Mid or ADC roles, you must speak both Korean and English.

Education and Relevant Job Experience

       A high solo-queue rating and any previous League of Legends competitive experience (whether playing or coaching).

Application Process

To apply, please email with the following items::
  • SUBJECT LINE: [Tier, Name and Role]. For example, [Challenger 300lp, Steve Arhancet and Support].
  • COVER LETTER: That demonstrates your written communication skills that MUST include:
  • A link to your in-game profile showing your solo queue rating
  • A link to a video clip of you explaining the laning phase of your respective role you are applying for for any game you choose. The clips should be no longer than 5 minutes long.
  • No resume is required

If the above instructions are not completed, your application will be dismissed.

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