NuckleDu wins Absolute Battle Six!

September 28 2015
It's just win after win for the Team Liquid boys! This past weekend, Du "NuckleDu" Dang, headed straight for Dallas, Texas, the stage for this year's Absolute Battle and crushed the competition, crushing the tournament with a handful of 3-0 victories as he progressed through the bracket.

The Grand Finals saw NuckleDu's Decapre challenge TL I BP Cast Blanka's..well.. Blanka to a Best of 5 series. NuckleDu didn't see a single match loss since entering the Top 8, while Blanka fought his way through the loser's bracket. Momentum was already on NuckleDu's side.

The first match was shaky for Liquid's fighter, as he'd drop a round and then cut it close in the last match. But after that, NuckleDu would control the flow of the series. Two 2-0 rounds followed and the game would go in favor of Team Liquid's resident fighter.

"I don't know what to say," NuckleDu said in a post game interview following his victory. "Texas has this really big candy store I like. So I just buy a bunch of candy."

Yup, that quote doesn't have much to do with his win, but he keeps going back to that candy store then proceeds to win at Texas events. Not going to complain about that.

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Writer // Ken Serra
Photo Credit // PandaxGaming
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