Liquid CSGO gets ready for Stockholm

September 23 2015
The acquisition of Spencer "Hiko" Martin paid off immensely for Liquid CSGO in their last month or so of online results. Suddenly, Eric "adreN" Hoag and the squad have been pulling off a number of upsets, putting up impressive numbers and victories over the best teams in North America. The team's recent online success netted them two qualifications for LAN tournaments, as well as the 1st place trophy in the iBUYPOWER Invitational. But even with all their recent success, Liquid will undoubtedly face some tall hurdles as they breach the upper echelon of competitive play.

The transition from online play against North American opponents to LAN tournaments against Europe's finest teams is surely a difficult one. Important to note, though, is that Liquid is a team not unfamiliar with international LANs, but rather a team consistently unable to translate their sturdy online play into offline results. Yet with the arrival of Hiko, this new iteration of the Liquid lineup has been the squad's strongest showings to date, and things look more than promising for them heading into offline territory.

The first and most crucial of the upcoming LANs for Liquid is DreamHack Open Stockholm, which acts in part as a qualifier for the next CS:GO major, DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.

Liquid is yet to qualify for a major since entering the Global Offensive scene, but it's hard not to get one's hopes up seeing how the team has performed as of late. Hiko brought the team a clearer sense of structure and a more teamplay-oriented approach, which could do wonders for Liquid on LAN, especially when pitted against the coordination and tactical prowess of top European teams.

Liquid landed in a group with mousesports, Renegades, and Mythic. If the revitalized Liquid boys can find their bearings in an offline setting, they stand a great chance to land in the top two slots of their group and book their tickets for Cluj-Napoca. With every match in the group stages being a best of three, we should see some nail-biters throughout the week.

Mousesports poses the largest threat to Liquid in group C, but Renegades, Liquid's first opponent, has been known to cause some upsets during international showings. Mythic takes on mousesports first, but they'll be hard pressed to pull out a victory if the German squad keeps up the form we've seen out of them in recent months. No part of this group is going to be easy, but adreN and co. have been playing out of their skin lately and are sure to impress in Stockholm this week.

Be sure to keep checking Team Liquid Pro for updates on what's going down at DreamHack Stockholm and for the latest in TL news, features and events!

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Writer // Jacob LaBombarda
Graphics // Reuben Atchana
Photo Credits // Marcin Wróbel, ESL
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