Liquid Nairo wins Umebura F.A.T.

September 22 2015
He's young, he's ready, and he's most certainly on fire! Liquid's resident Smash 4 player, Nairoby 'Nairo' Quezada, entered Umebura F.A.T. (first anniversary tournament), a Japan-hosted Smash 4 tournament sporting their region's finest smashers, and dropped the might of TL, placing first.

But not only did Nairo placed first, he came in as an international attendee and played a perfect tournament, dropping only matches, but not a single full set. This was a tournament win that had Nairo riding the winner's bracket train, giving him the full advantage in both the Semi-Final and Grand Final. They say Nairo's unstoppable with momentum; winning match after match at Umebura spelled disaster for the other smashers.

The Grand Final involved a rematch between Nairo and Komorikiri. The two met before in the Round of 6, but Nairo came out on top. Komorikiri usually places high on his Sonic, and to be fair, he came in second overall, but he'd ultimately fall to Nairo again.

More fuel to add to the fire, Nairo won out the series against Choco, a top-level Zero Suit Samus player in Japan. ZSS is a tricky character to both play and fight, but Nairo is known for being one of the best. Now maybe we can just say he's the best.

A big congratulations to Nairo, and don't forget to check out Team Liquid Pro for the latest in TL news, features, and events!

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Writer // Ken Serra
Graphics // Reuben Atchana
Photo Credit // VGBC | aMSa, SHI-Gaming
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