TL Position Opening: Head Coach

September 14 2015


       Moving into the 2016 NA LCS, Team Liquid seeks a Head Coach for our League of Legends professional team. As coach for Team Liquid you will interface with the League of Legends players, teams, and staff to optimize performance. You will be located in Santa Monica, CA and requested to start in September 2015. We are looking for candidates with very strong sports/coaching/counseling backgrounds. The position will interface closely with in-game strategy coaches and analysts, high level League of Legends knowledge is not required.

Job Title

      Coach, eSports


      Office - Santa Monica, CA

Job Description

Type: Full-time Employee
Salary: $32,000.00 /year
Housing: Covered by Team Liquid
Meal Plan: Covered by Team Liquid
Health Benefits: Covered by Team Liquid


Type: Full-time Employee
Salary: $55,000.00 /year
Housing: Covered by Employee
Meal Plan: Covered by Employee
Health Benefits: Covered by Team Liquid

  • Work closely with executive staff to develop, manage and create eSports coaching and support team consistent with TL missions. Goals are to enable athletes to reach their full potential as productive team members.
  • Manage scrimmage schedule for team.
  • Evaluate own and opponent team capabilities to determine appropriate game strategy.
  • Supervise scrims, match play and practice environment at home.
  • Assist owner and GM in the recruitment, training and selection of players for LCS League team and Challenger teams.
  • Recruit, train, communicate and evaluate volunteer coaches and analysts.
  • Arrange for appropriate venue supervision.
  • Understand all athletic rules and regulations, and assure compliance and consistency among staff and athletes.
  • Monitor the overall health and condition of all athletes.
  • Troubleshoot with parents and coaches.
  • Deliver performance results.
  • Read & answer emails promptly. Carry out directives from supervisor, and communicate needs for materials and supplies at least one week in advance.
  • Prepare and complete daily activity tracking and enter information into Vision/E-tapestry.
  • Ensure inviting and friendly atmosphere.
  • Per each program requirements, all paperwork must be completed completely and accurately as needed.

Job Requirements

The applicant must possess
  • Fluency in Korean and English
  • The ability to recognize conflict and the necessary skills to resolve it
  • The capacity to work in a partnership with a co-coach and/or assistant coaches.
  • A cursory knowledge and active awareness of the latest in statistical research and analytic trends across eSports. Must be able to create original research and content based on these trends.
  • A strong understanding and appreciation of news and story play.
  • The multitasking to quickly juggle multiple varied tasks during a typical work day.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Education and Relevant Job Experience

       5+ years working in a team environment, including previous leadership roles. Strong preference will be given to applicants with managerial experience on sports teams.

Application Process

      To apply, please email us with a cover letter and resume to with Attn: League of Legends: Coach Application in the subject line.

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