EVO 2015: NuckleDu and Hbox Reach Final Day!

July 19 2015

Day 2 of the Evolution Championship Series is over, but we are far from done! Our very own NuckleDu and Hungrybox have survived until the final day, securing themselves 7th/8th place at the very least!

NuckleDu made it through the 2,227-man bracket and is now one of the last eight players to play on Championship Sunday for Ultra Street Fighter IV. His most impressive victory came against the 2011 EVO champion, Fuudo. Down to the last pixel, Fuudo looked to close out the second game to tie the series 1-1, but NuckleDu made three great reads in a fraction of a second to interrupt each of Fuudo's attempts to close the match. He is now one of the last two players representing the United States in USF4 and will face Taiwan's star in AVerMedia's GamerBee tomorrow.

The second day of EVO could not have gone any better for Hungrybox. He started off strong against MacD's Peach, taking the first match with three stocks remaining before closing out the set 2-0. The fierce Jiggly's following opponent, however, was the tournament's overall favorite and the best player in the world from the past month, Team SoloMid's Leffen. The entire set was a nail-biter as Hungrybox scraped by each match with only one stock remaining, but a couple well-timed rests helped propel him to a magnificent 2-0 result. Tomorrow, Hungrybox's day will begin with him facing off against another Swedish titan in Alliance's Armada, where a victory there will secure him a spot in the winners' final.

A huge shoutout must be given to Ken, Liquid's very own King of Smash. Surprising everyone in the venue, Ken defeated both Westballz and Santiago to take a thrilling top 16 finish! His tournament run may have ended, but his ability to capture his fans' hearts is far from gone.

The Smash Melee finals begin tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. PDT, while the USF4 bracket is scheduled to continue at 6:30 P.M. PDT. Tune into the action over at the main EVO stream, http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1 .


Writers // Stephen Chiu, James Vo
Graphics // Reuben Atchana
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