DH Valencia: Heroes to Defend Title

July 15 2015
The back-to-back two-time DreamHack champions return to their stomping grounds, this time on home soil in Valencia, Spain for the Turtle Beach All-Stars tournament. The team's incredible run over the past four months includes over twenty first place runs with only a few dropped games sprinkled around. There is no question about it: the Liquid boys are the undisputed champions of Europe, if not the world.

Winning DreamHack Summer solidified their invite for this upcoming event, along with runners-up Gamers2. Liquid met G2 in the grand finals of the previous two DreamHacks they attended and swept both sets. The Polish team will be looking to test out their new roster against Liquid on LAN with the addition of Emanuel “Baczekk” Bak.

The remaining two spots were earned through an open qualifier by Fnatic and Natus Vincere. However, Fnatic will not be in attendance due to their recent roster changes. Taking their place will be the German team ROCCAT, formerly known as Well Met, and the team will be the first to face Liquid. The organizations have met once before during the finals of Zotac's June Monthly, with Liquid dispatching the Germans 2-0.

While the team has a history of making quick work of their opponents, a formidable challenger has made its appearance recently. In the grand finals of the Hitbox Stormgrounds Invitational that took place only three days ago, Natus Vincere defeated Liquid 3-1. Na`Vi, the winner of DreamHack Tours, will be in attendance at Valencia and is shaping up to be the foremost threat standing between Liquid and the hat-trick.

DreamHack Valencia features a best-of-three double-elimination format and boasts a $15,000 prize pool. Watch the team compete tomorrow at http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackheroes !

Writer // Dylan Walker
Graphics // Reuben Atchana
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