"C9 was the best draw for us," Liquid`miKnutty

July 11 2015

us Team Liquid navigated their way out of the group stage earlier today at the Electronic Sports World Cup in Montreal, Canada. They finished second in the group with a 2-1 record behind se Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The day started with a match against fr LDLC White on Train. Liquid was dominant on their Terrorist side going up 11-3 at halftime. “We ran into a couple issues on CT side and lost a really important [five versus three] round which made the game a lot closer than it should've been, but overall I thought communication was good and the guys performed well”, said us Michael 'miKnutty' Vitaterna, sub and analyst for TL.

In their second match, Liquid faced an unbreakable force in the Swedish legends, Ninjas in Pyjamas. “Against NiP we really didn't want to play them on Mirage so we got a little bit unlucky there. We really couldn't get into any sort of rhythm as they constantly pushed us back before we could execute any of our strats They're a great team and in most situations they were just out aiming us”, miKnutty said.

Needing one more win to advance out of their group, Liquid took to Overpass against Chinese challengers cn QeeYou. Starting on CT side, Liquid held their ground well keeping their opponent to five rounds. They closed the game out easily on the Terrorist side, giving up only a single round in the process. “Overpass against QeeYou went very smooth. It's our best map so being able to play it was a plus”, miKnutty pointed out.

Liquid is one of eight remaining teams competing for a slice of a $75,000 prize pool at the event. Tomorrow, the team will play a best-of-three against us Cloud9 in the quarter-finals of the single elimination bracket. “Out of all of the matchups we could've been drawn, Cloud9 is probably the best since we have played against them a lot recently. We know how they play on most maps They also know how we play as well so we have to do our best to go over everything tonight and prepare for tomorrow.”

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Writer // Dylan Walker
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