LCS Begins: Cheer Team Liquid On!

May 30 2015

Coming off a hot 3rd place finish, Team Liquid is looking to start the Summer Split on the right foot. Despite all the drama in the first half of the Spring Split, the boys in blue stunned fans by going from a bunch not even considered play-offs worthy to a team that would be one game away from reaching the finals.

Two back-to-back victories on the final day of the split catapulted us into the play-offs and sweeping CLG 3-0 made the journey all the more sweeter. In the blink of an eye, TL saw themselves climb from the bottom of the standings to taking out Team Impulse in a series that broke our curse. While our record in the regular season was a disappointing 10-9, our play-offs record was 8-4, with most of those wins being fairly convincing.

The roster shall be untouched

With all the nagging to swap certain players out in the beginning of the Spring Split, the way we closed it out will see our roster intact. #KEEPPIGLET

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Newly formed TDK better be ready (week 1, day 1)

Team Dragon Knight looks like a formidable opponent to open the season. We don’t know much about them other than the fact they’re coming off the challenger the series as the team to knock-out Winterfox, a team I considered our kryptonite (TL 0-2 record). They have Shin "Seraph" Woo-yeong, former CLG top laner, to leverage the team; we, however, have a Quas.

Fortunately for us, TDK failed to lock their roster in by Riot Game’s expected deadline, resulting in a penalty that will have them using emergency substitute players and no bans during their match. They also used Alex Ich to get into the LCS and he won’t be around, so there’s that too. Not the best start to fight the fiery 3rd place seed if you ask me.

Team 8 is out for blood (week 1, day 2)

We know for a fact Team 8 will be looking for a little bit of revenge. Team Liquid sent them packing in a game that decided the final play-offs spot; bet that still stings. Team 8 will be retaining their roster from the Spring Split but during the regular season, and our darkest moments, TL still managed to go 2-1 against them. I’m confident in the match-up.

With all that said, don’t forget to cheer the team on during the NA LCS opening weekend on May30th through the 31st! You can catch the stream on Twitch at

May 30th 1PM PST: Team Dragon Knight vs Team Liquid
May 31st 12pm PST: Team Liquid vs Team 8

Writer // Ken Serra
Art Credit // Riot
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