Entering 5th year together with Razer

April 28 2015

It has been seven long years since we hosted the TSL with Razer as our sponsor. It seems like an eternity ago now, yet that event still evokes a magical feeling for those of us who have been here long enough. I don't want to go all nostalgic on you, but I guess the point is to show the road Razer and Team Liquid have gone through together. For two companies to partner up and go through the right amount of growth where they are able to continue working together for such a long time is a unique situation, especially in a volatile industry such as ours. It has also been four years since we signed our first esports team sponsorship with Razer and today we celebrate adding another year to our journey as partners. Our sponsorship has expanded even more as Razer has decided to work with us on their software package as well as their peripherals. I look forward to another successful year together as we follow where esports will take us next.

I want to give a special thanks to Drew and Chris who have been key to this long-lasting partnership. It's a pleasure working with you.

- Victor "Nazgul" Goossens

"This is indeed a special occasion given the strong roots both organizations have in eSports which stretch back to the year 2000. Since then a lot has changed in the industry but it’s comforting to know that our partnership with Liquid is stronger than ever today.

At Team Razer we love working with Team Liquid because time and time again they continue to prove why they’re a shining example of what a team in the eSports industry should be: professional, reliable, innovative, and fiercely devoted to their incredible fans. We’re extremely grateful for the passion and drive they’ve shown as core members of Team Razer, and we’re equally thankful to Victor and his team for their continued support and leadership over the years.

We very much look forward to the future with Team Liquid and will always look back fondly on the strong friendship we’ve forged."

- Drew Holt-Kentwell

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