Rebirth | Episode 3

March 21 2015

In conjunction with HTC, Team Liquid brings you a series that follows our League of Legends team through the wild life of the NA League of Legends Championship Series.

Dubbed Rebirth, our goal is to give the fans an inside look on the functions and dramas of an LCS Team. A light will be shined on the lives and trials of our players and you’ll get a raw look into the realities of pro gaming.

Episode 3 of Rebirth takes off during week 7 of the NA LCS. Piglet is now back in the line-up and despite having ample recuperation time, the team fails to perform, dropping 2 games against Team 8 and Team Impulse. What is it about Piglet, who is now 2-6 with the team, that prevents the team around him from performing as well as they do with Keith, who holds a stunning 5-1 record on the bench?

Through Rebirth, you’ll get to see a more behind-the-scenes look of our team both in and out of the Rift. As Team Liquid tries to understand the current situation of their games, you’ll get to see more of what makes Piglet tick as a player and will follow Xpecial and FeniX as they meet the demands of a pro gamer.



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