Dota Night with Liquid`TLO on Razer Comms

March 11 2015
Have you ever wanted a chance to hang out with the pros? Have you ever wanted to get to know one of them on a personal level? Well, now's your chance!

Our very own TLO has taken up playing Dota during his time off from practicing for his WCS matches. "I've always been a fan of games and I used to play Dota 1 back in the day so being able to play Dota 2 to relax a little bit from StarCraft has been great for me," says Dario. "I think it'd be fun to share some of my experiences with you guys and get to know you a little better, so I wanted to set up a gaming night together with Razer for us to hang out and play some Dota."

Without further ado, we'd like to present to you A Dota Night with Liquid`TLO. All you have to do is download Razer Comms (instructions below), join our community channel, and tune into TLO's stream tomorrow at 18 CET. He will give you instructions on how you can team up with him or maybe even team up against him!

Where, when, and how?
When: Saturday, Mar 12 5:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00) for ~3 hours
Where: Team Liquid Community Channel on Razer Comms (instructions below!)
Stream: Twitch /LiquidTLO

How to be a part of the
Team Liquid community

• Go to Razer's website and download the program.

• Once you've downloaded the program, register an account and log in.

• When logged in, go to the Community tab (the circular icon highlighted below; third from the right).

• At the bottom of the page, click "Find" and search for Team Liquid.

• Double tap on Team Liquid and voila! You are now in the Team Liquid community channel.

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