Battle Report: Week 6

March 03 2015

Rematches galore! Team Liquid would finally get an opportunity to fight opponents we clashed with while figuring out what we need to do to garner more wins. The last we met eyes with Team Gravity, they played an exceptional game and gave us very little chance at a comeback. The last we met Counter Logic Gaming, they didn’t have their full roster so the win against them has very little to show in-terms of our (and their) true strengths.

Week 6 came in as a great week for Team Liquid. With Keith on the roster for a second week in a row and Quas on picks no one saw coming, we swept the week 2-0 and come out with a 7-5 record, securing an uncontested spot in third place.

Battle of Brothers: Round 2

Our first game of the week involved Team Gravity. The last time clashed, we couldn’t quite get a grip on the game and Gravity ended up with a pretty decisive victory. We were experiencing some growing pains in that first match and we came in to the rematch swinging really hard in a decisive victory of our own.

Their champion selection was a bit strange in that they opted to run the Hecarim pick but did not give it to Keane. Instead, the pick went to Hauntzer in the top lane, who brought both ignite and teleport, as well as Gravity’s demise to the Fields of Justice. Quas opted to lock-in the Kennen pick and with an early lv.2 gank kill onto Hauntzer, the game was basically over. Quas could not be stopped no matter what they threw at him and the win for Team Liquid was incredibly decisive at the 28-minute mark. I mean, that’s all there is to it, otherwise I would’ve written a separate report… Think about it.

A test of might: TL vs CLG

Counter Logic Gaming would get their long awaited rematch against the Team Liquid squad. Week 1’s match, without the complete CLG roster, gave TL a victory over the now #2 seeded team. CLG looked for a comeback in this week 6 rematch and boy did they try. A back-and-forth battle between both squads with gold and kill scores similar to one another for 30 minutes put a lot of pressure on both teams. In one final battle, Team Liquid would come out on top at the 52-minute mark. #doublephantomdancer

Both teams played incredibly well but in a game going onto 52-minutes, you’d expect CLG’s double-adc comp to take over. In the end, it was TL’s Jinx surrounded by a supporting cast in Janna/Morgana composition that would reign supreme. It turns out shields are too good, yo.

The almighty Quas

We learned this weekend that Quas is the most versatile player in the NA LCS. Having played 10 different champions across 10 different games, effectively I might add, Team Liquid will always have a back-up plan in their Venezuelan top laner. To me, it’s such a breath of fresh air seeing Quas play such an impactful role, utilizing carries like Irelia and Kennen and being the backbone of the initiations on champions like Morgana and Lissandra.

Based on recent trends, if Quas performs well, the game is going to be an absolute annihilation. If he does alright or falls behind, it’s an uphill battle. That’s something Team Liquid needs to consider for future references.

Keith is consistent

I have to hand it to our ADC substitute, Keith. He walked into NA LCS, barely old enough to qualify, and gave every team a run for their money. Now with an astonishing record of 6-1 with TL, we have to look back and ask if he’s a superstar…or something else?

Personally, I think he opens up a lot of potential for his fellow teammates. “My team can carry me,” Keith told Riot Games in an interview, “All I do is farm and shoot rockets.”

Because of his self-less play style and by doing exactly what an adc does, which is farm then stay in the back and shoot stuff, he opens up doors for IWillDominate to gank other lanes and allows Fenix and Quas to get extra farm. While I still find Piglet’s mechanical play to be better on the micro level, Keith adds something to the macro game that is incredibly beneficial to Team Liquid’s mid-and-top carry line-up. Also, when you have a support like Xpecial, it’s really easy to sit in the back and pad your score which is always nice.

Writer // Ken Serra
Graphics // shiroiusagi
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